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Upcoming Movie: The Divine Move

The Divine Move is about professional baduk player Tae-suk (Jung Woo-sung) whose brother dies in a conspiracy in gambling baduk by Sal-soo (Lee Bum-soo) and his team. Tae-suk is then framed for murder and spends time in prison. After his release, he gathers professional baduk players from around the nation to face-off with Sal-soo.

The trailers and stills have a comic book flavor which I like. It definitely looks like a summer action flick that's purely entertainment which is why I'm excited. It looks fast and fun with caricature characters. I haven't seen any of director Jo Bum-goo's movies so I don't know if it'll deliver, but the cast alone is a huge draw.

Jung Woo-sung is gorgeous and seems to really throw himself into the action scenes. There's also Ahn Sung-ki who is simply amazing and charismatic, along with Ahn Gil-kang who consistently delivers. Kim In-kwon is mesmerizing on screen, and I'm looking forward to his character.

However, I'm super excited for Lee Bum-soo! He's hasn't played a villain in a long time, and I can't wait to see what he'll bring to the screen this time. Lee Bum-soo described his character as evil with no back story. He said in an interview, "Usually antagonists, if you look into them, have their stories and sorrows. Sometimes they're a hurt soul. Sal-soo isn't one of those characters.Of course, those characters have their own charm, but at least in this project, the presence of a completely evil character had its charm."

A couple more quotes from the interview:

"To do dynamic action scenes where I take lives and where my own life is in danger, wearing glasses while fighting is dangerous. As much as it is dangerous, it's also unfamiliar for the opponent; it reveals just how much confidence the character had."

"Rather than when two people of similar builds face each other, I thought there would be more anticipated tension between the collision of someone like Sal-soo with someone like Tae-suk. In other words, it's like a battle between a large and powerful opponent against a really fast one. It wasn't a battle between two strong people or two fast ones. That's why I felt interested and got a good feeling. It seemed like something I could do."

"While filming the final action scene against Jung Woo-sung, I fractured my little finger. Grabbing each other's collars and weaving in and out, my finger got stuck in his collar. I pretended it was fine so no one knew about it until later. I couldn't say, 'It hurts so let's film later'. It was time for the filming to start wrapping up. Luckily I got hurt on the morning of the last day with only a few more scenes to shoot."

"The movement of placing down the stone is gentle and graceful. It has style. Like a dance motion, doesn't it seem like a single line. It makes me think of these metaphors. However, in The Divine Move, every placement is an attack. It's a heterogeneous act. While the motion is elegant and coy, the staggering meaning behind it is 'I'm going to take your life'. I paid close attention to try and portray this paradox."

Lee Bum-soo is known for being meticulous and hardworking, and I cannot heap enough praise for this actor. I knew he hurt his finger while filming because it affected his drama, but I had no idea he kept filming while keeping everyone in the dark. I'm glad it all ended well and mad respect for Lee. Also, Lee Bum-soo's character also had a full-body tattoo that took twenty hours to create! Plus, he had to stay standing the entire time. Really, how could I not love this actor? He's amazing.

Enjoy these awesome comic book character posters:


Character Trailer:


The movie premieres in Korea on July 3.

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