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A Letter From a Disappointed Fan

When I first heard the news about Bae Seong-woo's scandal, I was shocked. However, as reality sank in, I was left with disappointment. Drinking and driving is a crime. End of discussion. It might have been a one-time accident, but that can't serve as an excuse. Bae's actions have left his fans hurt, and I'm sure his family is suffering even more. His brother, a vocal supporter from the beginning, apologized on his older brother's behalf and promised to never mention his name on broadcast again. That's how serious this crime is. Bae Seong-woo was reaching the height of his career, getting lead roles in dramas and movies, yet now his future is undetermined. I'm sure after a period, Bae Seong-woo will eventually return like the other celebrities who have been charged with DUIs. While I'll still love his past performances (and in all honesty, still like him), I don't know if I'll be able to go around and call myself his fan anymore. While I'm