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Official Poster and More Pictures from The Client

The official poster for The Client was released, and it looks pretty good. It really captures the courtroom tension which I anticipate. In addition, the  picture of the main three actors standing together, I am dying from hotness overload! They might not be physically considered super beautiful, but as actors, they ooze charm and I total melt in their intense gaze. Bonus! They had a photo shoot for Elle, and need I say more: these are some fine looking men in some suits. Pictures via Naver News

The Client Trailer

Starring Ha Jung-woo (The Yellow Sea, The Chaser), Jang Hyuk (Midas, Chuno), Sung Dong-il (Runaway Plan B), and Park Hee-soon, the movie looks awesome-sauce! The tension between Ha and Park's character looks amazing, and I'm sure these actors won't disappoint. Gosh, there are so many movies I want to watch, I'm just giddy thinking about them.

The Client Stills (Updated)

Park Hee-soon: Ha Jung-woo: Jang Hyuk:   Premieres September 2011 (yeah!)