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Drama Ratings


My previous ratings list was getting too long, and since it will only get longer, I decided to create a new list for easier viewing. These will only include dramas that aired in 2020 and after. Thus, old dramas that I watched recently but originally aired before 2020 will be included in the old list.  

Note: All ratings are subjective. If you want more information about why a certain project got its rating, just leave a comment. I'll be happy to give my opinions and express my insanity.

18 Again (7/10)
Black Dog (8/10)
Crash Landing on You (6/10)
Hospital Playlist (8/10)
It's Okay to Not Be Okay (8/10)
Navillera (7/10)
Record of Youth (5/10)
Sisyphus (5/10)
Stove League (7/10)
Was It Love? (4/10)