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Belated Birthday Post to Park Yong-woo

I know I'm bad about remembering birthdays but this is just ridiculous! I cannot believe I completely forgot to have a birthday post dedicated to Park Yong-woo. It's almost been two whole months since his birthday (March 16), but better late than never. Happy Birthday Park Yong-woo He finished the drama My Love, Madame Butterfly  last year spring. Later, he came on SNL Korea where he said he was going on a trip to rejuvenate. Also, he filmed a movie, Late Spring , which won the Best Foreign Feature at the 2014 Arizona International Film Festival. Hopefully, Park Yong-woo has more future projects in mind because he's an amazing actor, and I love watching him. There hasn't really been much news or casting about Park Yong-woo this year or last which is sad to hear as a fan, but I hope he's taking a good, long rest. Still from Late Spring Unfortunately, that's it for the pic spam because I don't have a lot of new pictures. Enjoy some SNL thi