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Kabi Poster and Teaser

The first poster for Kabi is out, and it looks intriguing. Kabi is about Emperor Gojong (Park Hee-soon) after his wife Empress Myungsung is assassinated. He flees to the Russian Embassy which is where the story takes place. Apparently, Emperor Gojong has a fondness towards coffee and the Japanese use this fact to try to (I presume) poison him. Kim So-yeon plays a barista who serves the Emperor and is a crucial part in the Japanese's plan to kill the Emperor. Joo Jin-mo is also a spy working with Kim So-yeon, and Yoo-sun plays a Korean woman who has betrayed her country and now stands aligned with Japan taking a part in this conspiracy to knock the Emperor off his throne for good.

Fermentation Family: Episode 2

Episode two is good, with lots of little hints here and there that might mean something in the future. We see a lot more of Ho-tae's past but it's still too early to say anything definite since it's only the second episode. Only time will tell.

Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong

Happy Birthday Park Sung- woong! Not a lot of people might recognize him because he's only played supporting roles: Suh In-chul in Man of Honor ,  Oh Gang-chul in Cain and Abel, Jumuchi in Legend to name a few. This post, unlike my other birthday posts, won't just be pictures, but will sort of be a narrative timeline of my discovery and love for Park Sung-woong (who currently fights for my top 3 or 4 with Park Yong-woo).

End of the Year Review: A Light at the End of the 2011 kdrama Tunnel

Hello, world! I'm going to warn you, this end of the year review is embarrassingly short because I didn't finish many dramas this year. I don't finish many dramas every year because I hardly ever finish sageuks (shame on me), don't really like Korean action-oriented dramas (i.e. Iris), and have a life outside of dramas that doesn't allow me to watch everything that is airing, unfortunately, but this year seemed especially low.   Just a heads-up, but I'm going to talk about three unfinished dramas because, though I didn't watch them in their entirety, I feel like I've watched enough where my opinion won't change. That doesn't mean they are the only dramas I didn't finish this year (hardly), and neither is this a list of all the 2011 dramas I've seen. I've seen Birdie Buddy , Athena , The Princess's Man , Man of Honor , and many others that would take up too much space and brain power to list them all. [WARNING: there will be