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Upcoming Movie: The Divine Move

The Divine Move is about professional baduk player Tae-suk (Jung Woo-sung) whose brother dies in a conspiracy in gambling baduk by Sal-soo (Lee Bum-soo) and his team. Tae-suk is then framed for murder and spends time in prison. After his release, he gathers professional baduk players from around the nation to face-off with Sal-soo. The trailers and stills have a comic book flavor which I like. It definitely looks like a summer action flick that's purely entertainment which is why I'm excited. It looks fast and fun with caricature characters. I haven't seen any of director Jo Bum-goo's movies so I don't know if it'll deliver, but the cast alone is a huge draw. Jung Woo-sung is gorgeous and seems to really throw himself into the action scenes. There's also Ahn Sung-ki who is simply amazing and charismatic, along with Ahn Gil-kang who consistently delivers. Kim In-kwon is mesmerizing on screen, and I'm looking forward to his character. However, I