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Park Hee-soon cast in Kabi

From top left to bottom right: Joo Jin-mo, Lee Da-hae, Yoo Sun, Park Hee-soon  Park Hee-soon has been cast in the big-budget film Kabi. More information about the film can be found on dramabeans . The film boasts a production cost of ₩10,000,000,000 (won) which is a bit less than $9,000,000 (US dollar). The film is set during Emperor Gojong's reign, and Park Hee-soon will play Emperor Gojong. The film plans to release in the summer of 2011 which is good news since some of Park Hee-soon's movies like to float in limbo and never get a release date. (What happened to Bloody Fight !!??) I like 3 out of the 4 main actors, but my feelings for Lee Da-hae isn't hate but more indifference mixed with some dislike. I, also, like the time period the film is taking place in because of two amazing dramas: Evasive Inquiry Agency and  Jejoongwon . Overall, I hope the film does well because Barefoot Dream didn't do so well, and Park actually left the country  because of it. Plus

Merry Christmas from the Cast of GLove

Awww! This is cute. Though it isn't quite Christmas yet where I am, it is Christmas in Korea so MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jung's poster is aimed towards the singles and roughly means to give them some fighting spirit. Yoo Sun's poster says, "With passion, anyone can have a merry Christmas!" Then here come the high school students looking adorable! From left to right: "Even cold (impersonal), city men have a warm Christmas!" "Nuna (term for older women used by males), Merry Christmas. Accept my 'eye-smile' as a present" "During Christmas, gather up the courage and propose to the one you love!"

Poster for GLove

The posters for Jung Jae-young's new movie GLove are out. If the poster and title weren't dead give-aways, the movie is about baseball. Jung is a famous baseball pitcher Kim Sang-nam but gets into a fight. The incident tarnishes his name so his manager makes him coach at a high school for the deaf in hopes of fixing his image. However, the baseball team only has ten members and the skills of a middle school team. Since the kids can't hear, they can't find the ball, and since they can't talk, they can't communicate on the field. Despite all this, the team's dream is to go to the nationals, and with Sang-nam as their coach, they feel that they're one step closer to their dream. Sang-nam tells them their dream is impossible, but as he watches their passion, he begins to have a heart. Hmmm... the story doesn't seem new but there are some things that shouldn't change. I love the underdog story, and the underdog works so well for the sports genre so

Park Sung-woong in Strong Heart: Part 1

The show was aired 2010/12/14. For those of you who don't know what Strong Heart is, it is a variety show hosted by Kang Ho-dong (1 Night 2 Days, Golden Fishery) and Lee Seung-gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho). A lot of guests come out and tell a story about their life. Usually, guests tell two main stories each, and two episodes are aired as part one (week one) and part two (week two).

The Fixer (aka Troubleshooter)

We see you. I decided to write a review. Warning: the following may contain spoilers, but I tried to refrain from revealing too much. Main Cast : Sul Kyung-goo plays Kang Tae-shik, an ex-cop who now runs an agency that does odd jobs such as taking photos of cheating spouses. Lee Jung-jin plays Jang Pil-ho, a cop and the villian. Oh Dal-soo plays Choi Sang-chul, the good (but silly) cop.

Park Hee-soon's Interview with Elle

Here is the original article  in Korean  I translated parts of the interview down below. Due to my elementary level Korean and time constraints, I only included questions/answers that I found entertaining or interesting. This interview was for Park's upcoming action movie Bloody Fight (혈투). I have yet to hear a release date but am waiting with much anticipation. My comments that weren't in the article are in grey . Weren't there any after effects?     (the filming was said to be physically straining) The three of us went to get a ringer's injection. It was hard since we were soaked in salt and had to have a bloody fight. The action wasn't cool like wire scenes because we may have had swords but basically fought like dogs. We used our knives like axes and stabbed so hard that they broke against the wall; that was the kind of bloody fight we did. We filmed like that all night but when morning came, we just couldn't possibly continue. The three of us, with

Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here are a few pictures of Jung Jae-young How can he be so cute and cool at the same time?!   

Park Hee-soon at 8th Korea Film Awards

Park Hee-soon attended the 8th Korea Film Awards as a nominee for the Best Actor Award. He also announced the Supporting Actor Award (Park Hee-soon won this award in the 7th Korea Film Awards for Seven Days ). Park left-empty handed but, overall, seemed to enjoy the night. Here are a few pictures of him on the carpet looking fine . I like the look he is sporting, but in certain pictures, it does look like he has really short legs because of the combination of long jacket and bad angle. The man is still swoon-worthy, though, and he looks like he's having fun (especially the one where he's winking!)

Park Hee-soon's November SURE Photoshoot

Park Hee-soon is looking sharp and creepy in his new photoshoot for SURE which uses a lot of dark color such as navy blue and black creating an ominous atmosphere. Park gives off a "madman" vibe for the photoshoot, but all the photos each have their own subtle differences.

Yeouido 여의도

Movie Poster Letters in white read: Did you kill him/her/it? Park Sung-woong's upcoming new movie (see trailer below)!

Overview of Baker King Kim Tak Goo and Jo Jin-goo

Quick Background: Baker King Kim Tak Goo (BK) was a monster of a drama this year ending on a high of 50.8%. The story revolved around Kim Tak Goo and his journey to find his mother, learn breadmaking, rediscover himself, and live happily ever after. BK was a good drama with a healthy dose of makjang (over-the-topness). It was fun, addictive, and entertaining. Its domination over the Wednesday-Thursday viewship ratings, though, were due to luck. BK starred relative newbies and was about making bread. There were not a lot of advertisements for the drama before its air, and I highly doubt KBS had expected these results. However, luck was on BK's side since its competitions were having a rough time which allowed it to shine. The anticipated So Ji-sub's war drama, Road Number 1, was a flop because the story was awful. SBS's Bad Guy was also having difficulties since it was postponed in order to air the World Cup and lost momentum and its lead. Overall, BK had the floor to itsel

Jung Jae-young 정재영

Jung Jae-young 정재영 Actor Profile: Birthdate: November 21, 1970 Height: 180cm (5ft 11in) Weight: 78kg (172lbs) Movies: You Call It Passion 열정 같은 소리 하고 있네 (2015) Right Now, Wrong Then 지금은 맞고 그때는 틀리다 (2015) The Fatal Encounter 역린 (2014) The Hovering Blade 방황하는 칼날 (2014) Plan Man 플랜맨 (2014) Am 11:00 열한시 (2013) Our Sunhi 우리 선희 (2013) Confession of Murder 내가 살인범이다 (2012) Countdown 카운트다운 (2011) GLove 글러브 (2011) Quiz King 퀴즈왕 (2010) Moss 이끼 (2010) Castaway on the Moon 김씨 표류기 (2009) Public Enemy 3 강철중: 공공의 적 1-1 (2008) The Divine Weapon 신기전 (2008) My Son 아들 (2007) Going by the Book 바르게 살자 (2007) Righteous Ties 거룩한 계보 (2006)  My Captain Mr. Underground 마이 캡틴 김대출 (2006) Wedding Campaign 나의 결혼 원정기 (2005) Murder, Take One 박수칠 때 떠나라 (2005)   Welcome to Dongmakgol 웰컴 투 동막골 ( 2005) Someone Special 아는 여자 (2004)  So Cute 귀여워 (2004)  Silmido 실미도 (2003)  No Comment 묻지마 패밀리 (2002) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance 복수는 나의 것 (2002) No Blood No Tears 피도 눈물도 없이 (2002)

Park Sung-woong 박성웅

Park Sung-woong 박성웅 Actor Profile: Birthdate: January 9, 1973 Height: 187cm (6ft 1.6in) Weight: 78kg (172lbs) Family: Wife Shin Eun-jung 신은정 (actress)

Park Hee-soon 박희순

Park Hee-soon 박희순 Actor Profile: Birthdate: February 13, 1970 Height: 180cm (5ft 11in) Weight: 70kg (154lbs) Movies: The Suspect 용의자 (2013) You are More than Beautiful 그녀의 연기 (2013) Behind the Camera 뒷담화:감독이 미쳤어요 (2013) The Scent 간기남 (2012) Kabi 가비 (2012) The Client 의뢰인 (2011) Bloody Fight 혈투 (2011) Barefoot Dream 맨발의 꿈 (2010) A Million 10 억 (2009) Why Did You Come to My House 우리집에 왜왔니 (2009) The Scam 작전 (2009) My Friend and His Wife 나의 친구 , 그의 아내 (2008) Babo 바보 (2008) Hansel and Gretel 헨젤과 그레텔 (2007) Seven Days 세븐 데이즈 (2007) Love Talk 러브토크 (2005) Antarctic Journal 남극일기 (2004) So Cute 귀여워 (2004) A Family 가족 (2004) Three 쓰리 (2002) Drama: Missing Noir M 실종느와르 M (2015) All About My Romance  내 연애의 모든 것 (2013) Evasive Inquiry Agency 얼렁뚱땅 흥신소 (2007) Drama City: Reservoir 드라마시티 저수지(2007)