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Park Hee-soon's Interview with Elle

Here is the original article in Korean  I translated parts of the interview down below. Due to my elementary level Korean and time constraints, I only included questions/answers that I found entertaining or interesting.
This interview was for Park's upcoming action movie Bloody Fight (혈투). I have yet to hear a release date but am waiting with much anticipation.

My comments that weren't in the article are in grey.

Weren't there any after effects?  (the filming was said to be physically straining)
The three of us went to get a ringer's injection. It was hard since we were soaked in salt and had to have a bloody fight. The action wasn't cool like wire scenes because we may have had swords but basically fought like dogs. We used our knives like axes and stabbed so hard that they broke against the wall; that was the kind of bloody fight we did. We filmed like that all night but when morning came, we just couldn't possibly continue. The three of us, with our slashes, fake mustaches, and set clothes, went to a small, neighborhood hospital, got a ringer's injection, then went back and continued filming.

Until now you've played suporting or main roles in your movies. However, since this time the leads were played by three good actors, weren't there any fights?
No, there weren't any. Just by our personalities, I, Jin-goo or Chang-suk never felt the need to fight over dominance or thought that we needed to outdo each other. There was the feeling of not being a hinderance to each other's acting but there never were feelings of competition or outdoing each other.

You received awards for Seven Days and The Scam. After getting them, don't you feel a greed/desire for more?
I have no greed for awards. I acted on the stage for twelve years and never once received an award. Frankly, I was embarrassed while I was in theater. My fellow theater actors all had at least one award, and I was never told that I couldn't act. Nevertheless, I hadn't received an award. I had lots of thoughts of wanting an award while in theater. After that, I got rid of my greed/desire. When I came into movies, I was nominated multiple times but never won until Seven Days and got a lot of awards for that. After fulfilling my desire, I feel like I don't need to win any more.

The youngest Jin-goo probably did (action scenes) the best?
No, it was Chang-suk. Jin-goo and I drink and smoke a lot and therefore, sweat a lot and had a hard time, but Chang-suk is the type of person who doesn't sweat a lot. I find this really funny since this is like the exact opposite image I had of Go Chang-suk. Hehehe, just imagining this scene makes me laugh.

That was unexpected. I know! I never thought that Go Chang-suk would be good at action.
When we went to practice the action scenes, Jin-goo and I would get the steps down and then add the acting, but Chang-suk started acting right after he was taught the action choreography. That's why we (Park Hee-soon and Jin-goo) said let's take it easy.

When I see other actors, especially with works that they cherished, maybe they were so committed but they seemed to have difficulty getting out of character. When Antartic Journal didn't do well in the box office, there were rumors that Song Gang-ho was drinking and crying.
I was probably next to him crying. Everyone's like this but it's not because we suffered that it's hard to get out of character... it's because we suffered and flopped that makes it difficult to get out of character. (laugh) A stupid longing and attachment remain. Barefoot Dream was like that for me. I fled the country then because of the shock I received. I went through all those hardships during the overseas shooting and even the rating was good.

Won Bin is the 0.01% mister (ajushi) population in Korea. Rather, Park Hee-soon from Barefoot Dream looks more like the pawn shop next door mister.
Where is this "pawn shop"? I'll move there right now.
Exactly, they should have used me for something like that. I've had a couple of drink with director Lee Jung-bum before. He just drinks but doesn't cast me. That man said he was a fan and wanted to do a project with me but gives Won Bin the role. Now he won't probably call me since he's gotten famous. He'll probably only make me do overseas shooting projects. (laughs) Ha ha ha, Park Hee-soon is like drinking buddies with everyone! He's even friends with Lee Sun-kyun and his wife, Shin Ha-kyun, and so many more people. He should definitely play in a rom-com because I think he has the talent and hidden personality (there has to be a reason why he has so many friends) to make it epic (even better if it could be a drama)!

My translations don't do justice to Park's words, and the atmosphere of the original article was funnier and lighter. The original article really built itself around the questions and continued to build upon Park's answers and previous questions. Since I couldn't translate all the interview, it loses some of the witty banter going on in Park's responses and the interviewer's question. Overall, the interview wasn't groundbreaking, but Park was amusing (plus pictures are always a bonus).