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Park Sung-woong in Strong Heart: Part 1

The show was aired 2010/12/14. For those of you who don't know what Strong Heart is, it is a variety show hosted by Kang Ho-dong (1 Night 2 Days, Golden Fishery) and Lee Seung-gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho). A lot of guests come out and tell a story about their life. Usually, guests tell two main stories each, and two episodes are aired as part one (week one) and part two (week two).

Park Sung-woong's main story was titled, "The Spirit of the White Tiger Meets the White Tiger." Park Sung-woong has recently garnered much attention and love with his performance in Baker King Kim Tak-goo as Jo Jin-goo. However, Park Sung-woong decided not to talk about his recent drama because Lee Seungi-gi (one of the hosts) was the main actor in the rival drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Park Sung-woong talked about "The Spirit of the White Tiger Meets the White Tiger." As an avid fan, I instantly knew what he was talking about, but for those who don't, he explains. In 2007, Park acted as Jumuchi (the Spirit of the White Tiger) in the hit drama Legend. Not only did this opportunity give him fame, but it also introduced him to the most important person in his life, Shin Eun-jung, his wife. Park explained that his wife was born in the year of the tiger (1974), and they had a son earlier this year which happens to be the year of the white tiger that happens every sixty years. Now, there are three happy tigers living under one roof. Throughout his story, though, Park says "My Wife/Honey" (우리 여보) and gets really embarrassed when he's called out for it. He admits that when he's with his wife, he acts a lot more cute around her but only to her... and I can only smile with utter bliss. I find joy when watching happy and adorable couples, but they are my favorite celebrity couple and just make me go "ahh"! They just seem (since I don't know them personally) like they are in love and happy with one other!

The Three Tigers

The hosts ask since he dated his wife during filming (they both acted in Legend), if their first kiss was on set. Park replied no and said that their first kiss was in the car. He was in the driver's seat, and she was sleeping in the passenger seat with her head towards him. He stated that she looked even more beautiful that day and pondered over whether to kiss her and get hit or not kiss her. He decided to kiss her and was not hit.

Talking about his first kiss with Shin Eun-jung.

The hosts then talk about his wedding and how a helicopter came. Bae Yong-joon (Winter Sonata) worked with both of them in Legend and promised that he would attend their wedding. However, due to schedule conflicts, it looked like he couldn't come. Bae, though, stayed true to his word and he attended part of the wedding by travelling via helicopter.

In the middle of his story, one of the hosts noticed that Park addressed Bae Yong-joon as his hyung (term for older male friend/brother/relative). One of the guests, Jung Sun-hee, asked if he was younger than her, and he said he was. This caused the host to comment, "This boy" (addressed informally) but Park Sung-woong brushed past the matter and said "that's not important", showing off his charisma and humor.

Continuing, Park talks about his experiences with horses during the filming of Legend. While filming off location in the desert, it was really dangerous because once someone was riding in front of you, the horse up-front kicked up so much dust that the people behind could not see anything. One day while filming, there happened to be a ditch along the path. Park comments that being an inexperienced rider, he was not aware that he should have leaned backwards when the horse jumped over the ditch. As a result, he was pushed forwards off the horse. While in the air for a short period of 0.5 seconds, Park recalls that he noticed a bunch of dry leaves and deduced that he should let go of the horse and fall onto the branches in order to spring to the side. Otherwise, Park explains that he might have been trampled by the riders behind him since they wouldn’t be able to see if he fell. The guests and audiences doubt Park’s story, all in good humor, because they question whether he really thought through all that in 0.5 seconds. Park claims that it’s true and adds that later that night his butt felt weird so he examined it. There were thorns stuck in his butt, and Park had to pull the thorns out by himself because he was too embarrassed to ask his manager for help.

Park talks about how, by the end of filming, the set was like a hospital. Not only himself, but Bae Yong-joon was injured, too, so the two of them would hobble during upper body shots. Park demonstrated by getting up and limping as he and Bae did.

The hosts bring up that Park was smart and studied pre-law. Then they state that Park is smart and good at action. One of the hosts asks if he's good at sports, too, and Park answers that he was an ex-volleyball player. This causes one of the guests to comment that he has no modesty. Finally, Park's segment ended with him having no room for modesty, but who can blame him, he really is multi-talented. I enjoyed watching Park Sung-woong on a variety show and will watch part two next week 12/21.

Some other notable guests were Jung Sun-hee (comedian), Park Hwi-soon (comedian), Hong Ji-min (I am Legend), Victoria from f(x), Kim Hyun-sook (comedian), Lee Moo-song (singer), and Ahn Yeon-hong (actress). 

Jung Sun-hee