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Fermentation Family: Episode 1

The wonderful PD-writer duo that brought us Resurrection and The Devil bring us a new drama. This one is definitely lighter than their past two works, but from looking only at episode one, things seem okay. Characters are introduced and the plot is being developed. The main plus is that visually, the drama is prettily shot. Candy to my eyes. Episode 1 Recap:

Park Yong-woo Dismisses Role

Well, does anyone remember this ? Sorry for reporting this so late (apparently this news is from November), but Park Yong-woo has decided to drop out of the project. His movie Papa is hitting theaters in January so it appears scheduling conflicts may be one reason but nothing was really said about why. Unfortunately, this means that we won't be able to see Park Yong-woo and his adorable smile on the small screen early next year. There was a report stating that Lee Sung-jae ( Poseidon ) was taking the role which would be nice because I like him, too, even though his choice of dramas is highly questionable. However, I don't think any castings besides Kim Hee-ae's is solid. A Wife's Credentials plans to air in February on jTBC. Via Star News & TV Report

Park Yong-woo in Cosmopolitan

 Park Yong-woo is looking adorable in this photoshoot alongside movie partner Go Ah-ra. He portrays his playful and fun side in the photos to  mirror his upcoming character's personality while Go went for more chic and cold.

The Perfect Game

Here are posters and trailers from the movie The Perfect Game starring Jo Seung-woo and Yang Dong-geun. The movie is about two korean legendary pitchers Choi Dong-won played by Jo Seung-woo and Sun Dong-yeol played by Yang Dong-geun. Choi Dong-won is Lotte's pitcher who has dedicated his sweat and blood to become Korea's number one. Sun Dong-yeol is the new, rising star from Haitai quickly catching up to and challenging Choi for his title. Though they were senior and junior, the world viewed them as rivals. In a game where the whole country was watching and only winning mattered, Choi Dong-won and Sun Dong-yeol stand on the mound and face each other head-to-head... Epic. I have a soft-spot for things sports related. The sweat, the blood, the tears, the brotherhood, the underdogs, and all the other goodies that sports movies can use, I'm pretty easily pleased. Plus, this movie has Yang Dong-geun and I have a soft-spot for him, too. Oh my, a double whammy. This is definit