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Children admits over 1 Million

Park Yong-woo's new film Children opened in theatres on the 17th of February, and not even two weeks after its opening, has reached 1.3 million admissions. It continues to place first in the box-office. The movie is based off a true event about a case of missing children known as the “frog boys” who disappeared in the countryside and still remain missing presently. The teaser is here along with a short list of the main cast. Park Yong-woo plays a middle-aged man and stated in multiple interviews that it was a difficult project. He worried if he had done justice to his character and the emotions of the children’s parents. In addition, Park Yong-woo said that he felt a greater responsibility while filming this one than his previous works because not only did he have to live up to the producers’ expectations, he was now in the position of possibly rekindling interest in this case and moving the masses. It appears his wish for people not to forget the “frog boys” may come true.

Romantic Heaven Trailer

Min-gyu (Kim Soo-ro) loses his wife. Mi-mi (Kim Ji-won) goes searching for her cancer ridden mother’s last hope. Ji-wook (Kim Dong-wook) meets his grandfather’s forever cherished first love. These people’s sincere love may have opened the doors to heaven! Jang Jin directs another film which he describes as his will to his wife. I like Jang Jin and find his humor similar to my sense of humor. Romantic Heaven looks sweet, and I can already see some of Jang Jin’s specialty of making seemingly unfunny situations humorous. I also have a soft-spot for Kim soo-ro who looks so depressed that I just want to give him a huge hug to cheer him up. Romantic Heaven does not have a set date but plans to open in theatres in March.     Synopsis Via Movie Naver

Uhm Tae-woong in a New Variety Show

It's been confirmed that Uhm Tae-woong has been casted as the new sixth member of 1 Night 2 Days! Wait for a minute as I scream and jump in joy! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! TOTALLY EPIC! I love 1 Night 2 Days and have been an avid viewer for years, but lately the on slaughter of bad news has had its toll on the show. I wasn’t really expecting anyone I knew as the new member, so this news caught me totally off guard. Apparently, PD Na liked how Uhm’s actor-image was different from his actual personality. In addition, he thought Uhm would fit well with the other members. I’m still a little worried for him, though. 1 Night 2 Days is a very popular variety show which also means that it’s under a lot of scrutiny. I’m sure Uhm will gain many more fans but with more fans come along anti-fans. I’ll just pray that he does well and finds his niche quickly. Uhm’s first filming will begin on the 25th! On a side-note, there were many rumors surrounding Lee Seung-gi and how he was dropping the

Jung Jae-young in Allure

Jung Jae-young posed for some pictures and had an interview with Allure. He worked with a 6 months old Chihuahua (pictured above) and a 5 months old parrot (pictured below). They look absolutely adorable and are too cute for words! He is currently promoting his new film Glove which has surpassed 1.5 million viewers. I'm really anticipating the movie ( trailer ). It looks heartwarming and will probably have me giggling and sniffling at the same time. Via Allure  (full interview here in korean)

Happy Birthday Park Hee-soon

His birthday was yesterday in Korea, but I don't live in Korea so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Just sharing some pictures of the one and only Park Hee-soon.

Park Hee-soon's New Year Tweet

The ever so funny and cool Park Hee-soon graced us with his presence (because he's just that awesome!). Well, he didn't really appear but tweeted. February 3 was the lunar New Year, so Park Hee-soon sent a “Secret Garden Version New Year Message” via twitter. My rough translation: “Hey look! This message I’m sending isn’t the sort of message you’re thinking! This message is from the message-craftsman who for thirty years painstakingly pressed “one letter” “one letter” with his thumb; it’s that kind of message!! Therefore you should sacredly cherish this community leader’s message! It’s fine for you to be thankful!! That’s why I sent it... Happy New Years, this year will definitely have days where you frown, and there will probably be hard and painful days, too. However, I hope there will be lots of brighter days and stay healthy. How can you make me send a message first? You amazing person! Receive lots of luck this year (basically meaning Happy New Year) ^^ ” The actual