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Happy Birthday Park Hee-soon

His birthday was yesterday in Korea, but I don't live in Korea so
Just sharing some pictures of the one and only Park Hee-soon.

His charm really shines best on the screen, but he still looks fabulous in pictures.
This is from Seven Days where he played the best friend cop. Totally awesome!

From Evasive Inquiry Agency as the bad Baek Min-chul who made my heart cry and wish he'd have a happily-ever-after with Hee-kyung. Well, at least they have one in my mind.

Total badass! Park Hee-soon rocked and owned that role in The Scam!
"Okay, up to there!"

He's so adorable and silly!

From Why did you Come to my House? where he played the endearing Byung-hee. At first I thought the movie was weird and may be even boring, but on my second and third watch... it grew on me.
It's really sweet just like the strange yet heart-warming Byung-hee.

 This was from a photo shoot after he filmed A Million and goes along the same concept as his character in the film: deranged, scary, and chilling... but he looks sexier here.

Happy Birthday!