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Children admits over 1 Million

Park Yong-woo's new film Children opened in theatres on the 17th of February, and not even two weeks after its opening, has reached 1.3 million admissions. It continues to place first in the box-office.

The movie is based off a true event about a case of missing children known as the “frog boys” who disappeared in the countryside and still remain missing presently. The teaser is here along with a short list of the main cast.

Park Yong-woo plays a middle-aged man and stated in multiple interviews that it was a difficult project. He worried if he had done justice to his character and the emotions of the children’s parents. In addition, Park Yong-woo said that he felt a greater responsibility while filming this one than his previous works because not only did he have to live up to the producers’ expectations, he was now in the position of possibly rekindling interest in this case and moving the masses. It appears his wish for people not to forget the “frog boys” may come true.

The movie sounds and looks interesting. It also has a solid cast that can deliver a meaty topic such as this, and I’m not that surprised that the movie is being well-received. Congratulations to Park Yong-woo (and the rest of the cast and staff) for having a successful movie! It’s been a while since Park has done anything that has been successful money-wise, and though numbers don’t really equal quality, it does have a huge impact on the actor’s future career.

Personally, I can’t wait to see this. My “must watch movie” list just keeps growing longer and longer by the day.

Via My Daily & Osen