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Birdie Buddy Releases its Trailer

It's around 25 minutes long and is completely cheesetastic! The three leads appear okay. UEE is better than what I imagined (which, however, wasn't very high to begin with), I remembered where I saw Lee Da-hee from ( The Secret of Keu Keu Island , how could I forget!? My adorable Yoon Sang-hyun was head-over-heels in love with her and acted like such a bumbling, cute idiot!), and I get the impression that she's the strongest out of the three. Lee Yong-woo... I never understood why people thought he looked goreous, but now I see, the man looks like Joo Jin-mo who is a sculpture. Sadly, besides realizing that he looks hot, I think he has a lisp, and he's definately not the greatest actor. Besides having better-than-I-thought leads, the supporting cast!! I never knew that these people were in this! Totally epic. In my opinion, a supporting cast can make or break a drama, and the supporting cast in Birdie Buddy is definately a make. I'm not saying that all the supp

Kabi Finalizes Cast... with Kim So-yeon!

Hoorahs! Lee Da-hae had dropped  the project in the beginning of the month due to conflicts, and the new female lead has been confirmed as Kim So-yeon. This will be first her reappearance in movies after a six year absence. As a third-party fan, I'm glad the lead is Kim So-yeon because she is very charismatic, so I hope she adjusts quickly to the big screen and is able to transfer the same awesomeness! The rest of the main cast has remained the same: Joo Jin-mo, Yoo Sun, and last but not least by a long shot, the stunningly brilliant Park Hee-soon!! I hope I can see some sparks fly on screen. They begin filming on the 29th. Via Star News

Happy [Belated] Birthday Park Yong-woo

For some odd reason, I thought Park Yong-woo's birthday was on Friday, March 18, so I was completely surprised to see that his birthday was actually yesterday, the 16 of March! Therefore, this is a belated Happy Birthday post (which means lots of pictures of the awesomely cute, handsome, and cool)!

Full MV of Words that Freeze my Heart

Yeah, I don't have much to say except that Park Hee-soon looks awesome. Clip from Youtube

Words that Freeze my Heart

... is the title of Whee Sung's new song, but it also aptly describes Park Hee-soon whenever he's acting because he simply oozes charisma and screen presence!  The teaser for Whee Sung's new music video came out, and Park Hee-soon stars as the lead. Park Hee-soon apparently stayed alone in his dressing room in order to remain in character and maintain his emotions. Whee Sung and the crew found his dedication to be truly praiseworthy. It's only been over a half of a year since Park Hee-soon has acted in a music video. In the summer of 2010, Park Hee-soon was in Narsha's music video ( Youtube clip ) since the director also directed Park Hee-soon's Why did you come to my House? The full music video and Whee Sung's new album will be released on the 15th of March. Here's the teaser:  It looks like we'll get to see a lot more Park Hee-soon in this music video than in his previous one which is always a plus. Not to mention, how sexy is his voice in t

Uhm Tae-woong's First Episode of 1 Night 2 Days

From Top Left to Bottom: Lee Seung-gi, Kang Ho-dong, Eun Ji-won, Kim Jong-min, Uhm Tae-woong, Lee Soo-geun Uhm Tae-woong’s inauguration as 1 Night 2 Day’s sixth member aired on March 6, 2011 to positive responses and solid ratings. The show starts off with the regular five members’ introduction. Kang Ho-dong (the main MC) introduces the new member, but Uhm Tae-woong is nowhere to be found. PD Na tells them that he told Uhm Tae-woong that filming started at 11. The members are furious and yell in protest saying PD Na is showing favoritism because he’s a famous actor. PD Na informs them that it’s their mission to wake Uhm Tae-woong up, wash him, dress him, feed him, and bring him back to KBS within an hour!

Kabi loses its Female Lead

Back in December, Park Hee-soon was cast in Kabi  along with Lee Da-hae, Joo Jin-mo, and Yoo Sun. However, due to schedule conflicts, Lee Da-hae has dropped out of the project. In addition, the budget has been reduced to half of the boasted W 10,000,000,000 (won). This makes me sad because what I had hoped wouldn’t happen to this movie is happening! There are also rumors floating around that Joo Jin-mo might drop, too, but the producers are adamantly stating that he’s just making sure there are no schedule conflicts. Apparently, Kabi has yet to start filming which is causing the actors to drop. However, a representative from yeuleum (summer) entertainment, Park Hee-soon's management company, has stated that Park Hee-soon has no plans of dropping the project and will adjust his schedule accordingly once the movie starts filming. I wasn’t completely interested in Kabi to be honest. I was simply excited that Park Hee-soon had movies to film which means that I would get to see

Park Hee-soon is dating...

Park Ye-jin!!?? Say what?! This is no April Fools joke. (it’s March…) Park Hee-soon’s management company has just confirmed that the two have been dating for a month. Apparently, Park Ye-jin is also in the same, overall company (the owner has two managements). The two met each other two years ago through friends, but it wasn’t until they were in the same company did they get to know each other better. Park Hee-soon is eleven years older than Park Ye-jin. I can hear Park Ye-jin’s fans yelling in protest, but I can see why she would fall for him. He’s absolutely charismatic on screen, and everyone who knows him says he’s a really friendly 선배 (senior). Jin-goo (costarring in Bloody Fight with Park Hee-soon) recently stated in an interview that his current goal is to get Lee Byung-hyun and Park Hee-soon married. Ironically, I just finished watching Fortune Salon which Park Ye-jin stars in and liked her in that. However, OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH!!!!!!!!! This totally caught be off gu