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Park Hee-soon is dating...

Park Ye-jin!!??

Say what?!

This is no April Fools joke. (it’s March…)

Park Hee-soon’s management company has just confirmed that the two have been dating for a month. Apparently, Park Ye-jin is also in the same, overall company (the owner has two managements). The two met each other two years ago through friends, but it wasn’t until they were in the same company did they get to know each other better.

Park Hee-soon is eleven years older than Park Ye-jin. I can hear Park Ye-jin’s fans yelling in protest, but I can see why she would fall for him. He’s absolutely charismatic on screen, and everyone who knows him says he’s a really friendly 선배 (senior). Jin-goo (costarring in Bloody Fight with Park Hee-soon) recently stated in an interview that his current goal is to get Lee Byung-hyun and Park Hee-soon married.

Ironically, I just finished watching Fortune Salon which Park Ye-jin stars in and liked her in that. However, OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH!!!!!!!!! This totally caught be off guard…. I didn’t even know Park Ye-jin was in the same company (I didn’t know there were two?). If you couldn’t tell, I’m so hyper and crazy after hearing this that my sentences and thoughts aren’t really coherent. They’ve only dated for a month so I’m guessing they aren’t anywhere near thinking about marriage, but with Park Hee-soon’s age, I’m sure Park Ye-jin isn’t dating him without the thought of marriage in the future.

I’m so happy for Park Hee-soon and Park Ye-jin because they both seem like good people from people’s opinions and TV shows. I’ll hope that they don’t get too much media attention and that the fans act graciously towards this news and don’t start to bash. Public couples always seem to go through a lot of stress especially if they have fights or the tiniest bit of turmoil.

Anyways, congrats to Park Hee-soon, and I’m totally jealous of Park Ye-jin. I hope they maintain a healthy relationship and only hear good news from them.

Via Star News