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Happy [Belated] Birthday Park Yong-woo

For some odd reason, I thought Park Yong-woo's birthday was on Friday, March 18, so I was completely surprised to see that his birthday was actually yesterday, the 16 of March! Therefore, this is a belated Happy Birthday post (which means lots of pictures of the awesomely cute, handsome, and cool)!

He is so *Brain Malfunction* Beep... Beep... Reboot...

Can you believe he's FORTY (41 in korea)!? Well, I'm pretty sure he's not 40 yet in this picture... but you get what I'm saying.

Over here! Over here! Look over here! On second thought, I might die if you stared at me... nevermind, at least I'll die happy. Look over here!

Whether laughing joyfully...

or screaming insanely...
 He is totally scrumptious!

Handphone: The movie that started my love for Park Yong-woo. He plays the "villian" who keeps all his problems to himself until one faithful day and blows up. I watched this for Uhm Tae-woong but was mesmerized by Park Yong-woo. A splendid performance that makes your heart wrench.

Jejoongwon: Hwang-juuunnnnggggg! So pure-hearted and simple yet persistent and strong-willed, Hwang-jung made me giggle at his awkward antics and cry at his unjust treatment. Park Yong-woo was Hwang-jung. A completely stunning and capitivating performance.

Art of Seduction: He gets his head smacked by two elevator doors, acts crazy on an airplane causing him to not only receive weird looks from other passengers but also a smack down by the stewardess, and proposes to the security guard who happens to have the same name as the person he chases after. Park Yong-woo was absolutely weird and hilarious!  

 Once Upon a Time: One word: sexy.

Happy Birthday Park Yong-woo!