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Confession of Murder

Jung Jae-young's upcoming movie Confession of Murder , also starring Park Shi-hoo, has released its trailer and movie posters. Jung plays a hardened cop Choi Hyung-goo who is guilt-driven for losing a serial killer who left a horrifying scar on his face and disappeared for fifteen years. He hasn't been able to sleep well since as his anger continued to swell up for all those years. Park Shi-hoo is the handsome and sauve killer Lee Doo-seok who suddenly reappears, and even more surprisingly, publishes a book I am a Killer . The book becomes a bestseller, and with his looks and charm, Lee Doo-seok has gained the forgiveness of the public. However, officer Choi won't give up on trying to capture him until the bitter end. The statute of limitations may be over, but the case is still yet from done! Tagline: If you killed people, then you should receive your punishment.   Tagline: I killed 10 people... Now, I'm asking for forgiveness.

My Love, Madame Butterfly Teaser

The first teaser of the upcoming weekend drama was recently released. The show premieres in two weeks on October 6th after Delicious Life which was cut short. Teaser: Park Yong-woo was on for three seconds. That's it!?! Sigh, the show doesn't seem super interesting to me, unfortunately, because I really want to like it. Despite all my misgivings, I'm still going to watch at least two episodes, and probably still watch a majority of it even if I hate it. It's not like Park Yong-woo is on t.v. everyday. You've got to enjoy it while it lasts! Here are some character stills, and Park Yong-woo is looking wonderful as always: Official Website

Drama Dilemma

I have a problem. A trivial, insignificant, and quite trite problem, but one none the less. Earlier this year I picked up a drama. A cable weekly called Yellow Boots . If you don't know what it is, good. Stop reading this post and don't go looking it up. If you do know what it is, you're probably cringing from the thought or yelling in righteous fury. Either way, I watched this makjang-revenge fest with a love-hate relationship,   mostly hate. I frequently dropped it and then picked it up again. As to why I didn't just bury it in the grave and never give it a second glance, I don't know. Well, I do know: Jung Chan. ARGH!

My Love, Madame Butterfly Holds Script Reading

My Love, Madame Butterfly recently held its script reading. It hasn't been too long since Park Yong-woo has confirmed his role . The drama plans to air in October after Delicious Life ends. I am so ridiculously excited for this show mainly because I get to see Park Yong-woo again! He's so adorably awesome, and I hope for the best for his drama. Via  Osen