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Lovepark End of the Year Awards II

Welcome to the second Lovepark End of the Year Award: where the awards don't matter, and nobody cares! Judges: Me (as always) NOTE: There are a couple of dramas that I've watched that weren't included, and there are a couple of dramas included that I haven't finished. Thus, while not everything is included, I did try to mention most of the dramas I enjoyed this year.

What Happens to My Family Ep 34: Tae-joo & Kang-shim Highlights

It pains me that I'm four weeks behind recapping this drama because with all its flaws and predictability, I'm enjoying all the quirky antics and adorable faces of the cast. I'll try to do a roundup recap this coming week, but I couldn't bypass this chance to squee over this episode. I'll do a more formal recap a bit later, but for now, time to gush!