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What Happens to My Family Ep 34: Tae-joo & Kang-shim Highlights

It pains me that I'm four weeks behind recapping this drama because with all its flaws and predictability, I'm enjoying all the quirky antics and adorable faces of the cast. I'll try to do a roundup recap this coming week, but I couldn't bypass this chance to squee over this episode. I'll do a more formal recap a bit later, but for now, time to gush!

Kang-shim finally admitted her feelings last episode, though she did it to Chairman Moon. As a result, she received a probation and plans to stay home rolling around for a week (I'm jealous). Obviously, Daddy Cha is up and arms about the news and calls Tae-joo immediately. Like an obedient and meek son-in-law, Tae-joo rushes over after his meeting. Unfortunately, Seo-wool slips about the restaurant incident, and Daddy Cha goes ballistic.

Hilarity ensues as Tae-joo runs in circles with a broom-wielding Daddy Cha hot on his heels. Kang-shim intervenes, and Tae-joo hides behind her popping up and down. There's a humorous bit where Daddy Cha promises to not hit him, and Tae-joo looks at him with utter innocence. I love how Daddy Cha treats him like a child, to put it nicely.

Of course, Daddy Cha starts attacking him again, so Kang-shim throws herself at her dad to let Tae-joo escape. At first, Tae-joo states that he can't leave her behind, but Kang-shim kicks him away. Hahaha, Tae-joo flies and then rubs his arm mumbling that it hurt.

He starts heading for the door, but then turns around. Being completely serious now, Tae-joo firmly states that he can't leave. If anyone has to be hit, he will take it all. With that, Daddy Cha readily agrees and Tae-joo gets a beating... off screen, boo!

A disheveled Tae-joo sits next to Kang-shim with Daddy Cha across from them. Kang-shim leaves them when Tae-joo pulls rank, but she nervously watches from outside with all the other female members.

Tae-joo kneels before Daddy Cha and expresses his feelings. He tells him that he can't pretend to be someone he's not and won't bend over backwards to please Daddy Cha. He admits his flaws, but adds that in front of Kang-shim, he wants to be better.

Aw~! I love Tae-joo in part because he's hilarious, but the real reason I adore him is because he's honest and straightforward. He wears his emotions on his sleeves which can come across as childish and overbearing sometimes, but what you see is what he is. Tae-joo won't put on airs or don a mask in order to get what he wants. It was evident from the beginning with his no-nonsense attitude which people often mistook for spite and stubbornness. For example, he outright expressed his opinions to fire some of the employees for being ineffective and outdated without thinking of office politics, and he wouldn't compromise with the rude and pervy buyer that trashed his step-mother and harassed Kang-shim. Granted, Tae-joo could learn to mince his words better, but it's times like these where Tae-joo gets serious and allows himself to be vulnerable that I find very attractive and swoon-worthy. I just find steadfastness and honesty very admirable traits which Tae-joo has plenty.

Tae-joo hands Daddy Cha two envelopes that answer his question: lawsuit or dates? We don't get to know the answers just yet.

Daddy Cha leaves, and Tae-joo comes of the chicken shop shortly after. Kang-shim worries over him asking why he did all that, and he asks why she's making things harder for herself (i.e., why didn't she let him take the fall?). Tae-joo says her reasons are his reasons and smiles.

Young-sul, Hyo-jin, and Seo-wool stare at the two and fawn over them. I'm joining them in spirit.

Kang-shim goes on another blind date that exact same day, and Tae-joo shows up. It's not too surprising though the director tries to build some tension (yeah, he didn't fool anyone). Kang-shim is unnerved and leaves the date saying this is breaking the Chairman's trust. Tae-joo cashes after her and asks what she means. He jokingly asks if she confessed her feelings in front of the Chairman, and when she stares at him doe-eyed, he stares back in disbelief.

He taunts that he's going to call the Chairman if she won't tell him what she said. Kang-shim ineffectually tries to stop him, and finally repeats her words: she's sorry, but she likes Tae-joo.

Kang-shim cries as the snow continues to fall around them. Tae-joo smiles with utter joy and can't suppress his happiness. He hugs and thanks Kang-shim.

He says that this must be love and plants a quick peck on the lips.

She's surprised, and he tells her he's going to do it again, but better this time (hahaha). He dips her back and goes in for a longer kiss. The camera pans and the two continue to smooch enveloped in a huge lighted heart. It's so cheesy, I love it.

Yeah! Now everything is out in the open, and they've shared their first official kiss as lovers. The preview looks awesome since Young-sul and her husband catch our resident couple making out in the car. Hummana hummana!


  1. This is seriously my favourite episode!! I squealed and fangirled at the kissing scene! They're so cute!! And I smiled the whole day because of them... :D Hopefully everything goes well for them and we'll get to watch more cute scenes :P

  2. I'm so glad I found this blog because I enjoyed reading your recaps on Taejoo and Kangshim so much! I'd never believe that there would be people out there who ship TJ+KS as much as me because most people get attracted to the younger ones' love triangle. I really agree with you wholeheartedly, TJ is such an endearing man-child, and KS and TJ share such good chemistry. I'm absolutely in love with Kim Sang-kyung's acting - his quirky actions and expressions make me laugh and his emotionally-charged scenes make me cry (remember the scene where he confronted KS about her betrayal?? OMG). I saw that you're a fan of his so I wonder if you have other dramas or films to recommend? Unfortunately I made the mistake of watching Turning Point... And he was an utter jerk in it! Feeling annoyed that it's tainting the image of this cute, tall and handsome ahjussi. Heh.

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Always happy to read comments and see others who enjoy the same characters or actors. Tae-joo and Kang-shim were definitely awesome in this show, and I found them much more interesting than the younger love triangle.

      I haven't seen all of Kim Sang-kyung's projects, but I have seen all his movies. If you want to see goofball Kim Sang-kyung, I would recommend "Dad for Rent" (2014) which is cute but forgettable. If you want to watch a good movie that he's in, I would recommend "Memories of Murder" which helped propel his career and is an acclaimed piece of South Korean cinema. If you like romantic comedies, he's done "How to Keep My Love" where he's pretty dorky and adorable.

      For dramas, he's done the romantic comedy "Call of the Country" which is a pretty average Kim Sang-kyung drama character (ie, stoic and upright). The show itself is pretty funny (it really picks up after episode 4), but Ryu Jin is truly the gem in that one though Kim Sang-kyung definitely looks good, too. I haven't finished it because I couldn't find the later episodes, but "King Sejong the Great" is pretty good and Kim Sang-kyung puts on a great performance (very different from his Tae-joo character, though). If you're into sageuks, he is playing Sejong again in "Jang Young-shil" starring Song Il-gook which plans to air early next year. Lastly, I haven't seen it yet but "White Christmas" gets a lot of praise and Kim Sang-kyung plays a psycho killer in it.

      Happy watching! (And feel free to ask about any other specific films Kim Sang-kyung has done that I didn't cover here.)

    2. Wow thanks for your really long and detailed reply Lovepark! Going to check out your recommendations soon. I just finished What Happens To My Family and I'm suffering from Taeju withdrawals haha. I think Taeju wouldn't be as satisfying to watch if not for the good chemistry he shares with Kangshim. Kim Hyun Joo's a brilliant actress!

      I checked out the wiki page of White Christmas and it looks really interesting. Call of the Country looks promising too, although I find the female lead's acting a little lacking in another drama. Looking forward to watching them! I have this feeling KBS dramas usually don't disappoint.

  3. Wow I'm more than halfway through White Christmas and I must say, it is a very good drama. Very unconventional, reminds me of The Kindaichi Files. Kim Sang Kyung's character in White Christmas gives me the chills. The way he portrays a sick and twisted serial murderer is good it makes me revolted to hear him speak. Definitely a must-watch, Lovepark


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