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YouTube Clip and Picture

Dear nonexistent readers, here’s my first random post! Yeah! Fun! Woot!

Since I hardly update on a regular or scheduled basis, which is a bad habit I should change soon, I decided to share a YouTube clip and a picture. Hooray!

Arrest King's VIP Premiere

Park Yong-woo came looking dashing as always!

Ahn Sung-ki (Radio Star)
Left to Right: Kim In-gwun (Haeundae), Kang Ye-won (Miracle on 1st Street), and Kim Sang-kyung (Call of the Country, May 18)
Park Joong-hoon's daughter Park Mi-hwi... so adorable, coming to see her daddy's movie!

Big Heat's Trailer

Hmm… at least now I can put the drama in perspective and lower my expectations.  The members of Big Heat all seem rather bland in the trailer, but still, Park Sung-woong and Lee Joo-hyun! The thing that I took away most from the trailer was Mario Sweater. It looks absolutely weird but oddly comfy.

For those of you who want a synopsis, here's my earlier post.

Big Heat airs April 21. That's just two days from now!

Ryu Jin Plays a Fashion Maniac

Ryu Jin looks absolutely dashing in well-fitted suits!

Ryu Jin plays Seung-il the owner of a clothing company and a diehard fashionist in Baby-faced Beauty which is slated to air on May 2. He is described as the boss of Choi, Daniel's and Jang Na-ra's characters, and frequently picks on Choi's character because of his poor fashion.

Ryu Jin bought eight suits and spent roughly $18,500 (USD) on his wardrobe in order to protray Seung-il and his passion for fashion. In addition to his apparel, it is reported that he is also dieting and exercising in order to maintain his current physique of 186/7cm (around 6ft and 1.5in) and 76kg (168lbs). His face appears a bit thinner than from Call of the Country and a lot thinner compared to his works a couple of years ago like General Hospital 2, Capital Scandal. I prefer the sharp Ryu Jin with a presumptuous attitude a la Han Do-hoon in Call of the Country than the super nice guy with a neighborhood friend (오빠) feeling. Don't get me…

Park Sung-woong's and Lee Joo-hyun's New Rivalry

On April 21, actors Park Sung-woong and Lee Joo-hyun will meet as rivals in the new cable drama Big Heat which will air on DRAMAcube and E-Channel. Please excuse me for a second while I scream and jump up and down in that corner trying to recompose myself.
The drama is about the amateur, 4-member group Big Heat and their brilliant, youth tale of a journey, amongst their hopes and setbacks, to accomplish an undying dream.

Park Sung-woong (Baker King Kim Tak-goo, Cain and Abel) plays Hwang Jwa-soo, one of the top composers and producers in the industry who gets scammed by his business partner and high school junior, Goo Bon-gul, and loses everything. After five years of living in destitute, he rekindles his dream by gathering the members of Big Heat.

Lee Joo-hyun (Pink Lipstick, Ja Myung Go) plays the antagonistic Goo Bon-gul who is described as a business-minded person. Although he remains successful in the industry, Goo Bon-gul feels intimidated by the introduction of Hwang Jaw-soo’s …