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Ryu Jin Plays a Fashion Maniac

Ryu Jin looks absolutely dashing in well-fitted suits!

Ryu Jin plays Seung-il the owner of a clothing company and a diehard fashionist in Baby-faced Beauty which is slated to air on May 2. He is described as the boss of Choi, Daniel's and Jang Na-ra's characters, and frequently picks on Choi's character because of his poor fashion.

Ryu Jin bought eight suits and spent roughly $18,500 (USD) on his wardrobe in order to protray Seung-il and his passion for fashion. In addition to his apparel, it is reported that he is also dieting and exercising in order to maintain his current physique of 186/7cm (around 6ft and 1.5in) and 76kg (168lbs). His face appears a bit thinner than from Call of the Country and a lot thinner compared to his works a couple of years ago like General Hospital 2, Capital Scandal. I prefer the sharp Ryu Jin with a presumptuous attitude a la Han Do-hoon in Call of the Country than the super nice guy with a neighborhood friend (오빠) feeling. Don't get me wrong, I loved the old Ryu Jin, too, as the kind male lead/second, but his Han Do-hoon was to die for and I wouldn't mind some more quirky Ryu Jin.

I can't wait for late April/May to come around because one, some potentially splendid dramas are being offered, and two, I'm presently only watching older dramas because none of the currently airing ones are cathing my attention. Below is the teaser which is all sorts of adorableness! I hope this drama turns out okay because my expectations are simply rising higher and higher.

Via BNT News