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Park Sung-woong's and Lee Joo-hyun's New Rivalry

On April 21, actors Park Sung-woong and Lee Joo-hyun will meet as rivals in the new cable drama Big Heat which will air on DRAMAcube and E-Channel. Please excuse me for a second while I scream and jump up and down in that corner trying to recompose myself.
The drama is about the amateur, 4-member group Big Heat and their brilliant, youth tale of a journey, amongst their hopes and setbacks, to accomplish an undying dream.

Park Sung-woong (Baker King Kim Tak-goo, Cain and Abel) plays Hwang Jwa-soo, one of the top composers and producers in the industry who gets scammed by his business partner and high school junior, Goo Bon-gul, and loses everything. After five years of living in destitute, he rekindles his dream by gathering the members of Big Heat.

Lee Joo-hyun (Pink Lipstick, Ja Myung Go) plays the antagonistic Goo Bon-gul who is described as a business-minded person. Although he remains successful in the industry, Goo Bon-gul feels intimidated by the introduction of Hwang Jaw-soo’s group Big Heat. He uses cunning and cruel methods to interfere with their success.

It feels so good to have a wish come true when you’re least expecting it. After watching the trailer for Birdie Buddy, I was itching for Park Sung-woong to take on another project and look! Ta-da! Better yet, Lee Joo-hyun is in it, too, and I have a soft spot for him because of Sweet Spy and When at Night. The premise doesn’t sound all that new, but I love music-themed dramas. As long as it doesn’t turn out like I am Legend, which seemed to use music more like a prop and less as the main plot, I think I’ll be an easy viewer to please. I mean, if I get to see Park Sung-woong and Lee Joo-hyun on screen together, who am I kidding, I’ll still watch even if that means I fast-forward through the whole thing and bang my head in frustration. Also starring in Big Heat will be Choi A-ra (Second Proposal) who plays the female lead Eun-ha. Her character is part of a girl idol group under the management of the country's top entertainment agency.

Cheers to Big Heat! Though you’re a cable drama, here are cheers for your success and fame!
(Just remember that you’ll have one angry fan if you underutilize your resources… Fighting!)


  1. itu bukannya yg jdi Joong Woo di Pink Lipstic y?;?

    1. Um... I'm sorry, but I don't really understand.
      If your question was about Lee Joo-hyun being in the drama Pink Lipstick, then yes he was
      Thanks for the comment though!


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