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YouTube Clip and Picture

Dear nonexistent readers, here’s my first random post! Yeah! Fun! Woot!

Since I hardly update on a regular or scheduled basis, which is a bad habit I should change soon, I decided to share a YouTube clip and a picture. Hooray!

While I was not writing my paper about a certain book for a certain class that is slightly late and should be getting worked on, unbeknownst to my logic and sense, I found myself on the dreaded time-waster site called YouTube stuck in that perpetual pattern of watching one video then clicking on another that pops up and another and another until I end up in some remote section in a daze and wondering why the clock is wrong because it clearly couldn’t be six o’ clock already because I just got on at four! On this “trip” I took when I really should have been writing something much more important, I found a clip about Park Hee-soon!

Courtesy from the uploader:

I don’t know what it’s for, but I like it. The uploader titled it: What is Free Trade to Park Hee-soon, respect. What does that have to do with anything in the clip? Hmm… I’m just probably too ignorant to understand the meaning behind it all, but I still really like the rather unfortunately short clip. Park Hee-soon owns the role of a sexy villain, but I love the refreshing Park Hee-soon, too. He looks so nice here. Maybe it’s because I have a fondness toward the color white and like openness but man, Park Hee-soon looks great. Now I’m sounding repetitive but that’s just because that’s all I really took away from the clip.

My brain while watching:
Ooohh, Park Hee-soon. He sure looks nice. Man, he’s so handsome. He should wear white more. Oh man, a close up. Aw, he looks so clean. He’s so pretty. Wait… what was that about? Was that a commercial? What was I suppose to buy?

I’ll stop there because then my mind derailed and now I’m writing this post. Uh-oh, I wrote too much. It doesn’t matter, I’ll just say that it’s to make up for not having enough posts!

Wait, there’s more! Yeah!

Remember in the beginning I said that there was a picture too. It’s of Lee Hyun-woo! Really random because he’s not even on my list of favorites, but when I was younger, I liked Lee Hyun-woo. I can understand why I liked him then, and I still do it’s just… I like his aura. He’s not particularly handsome like Song Seung-hun or good at acting like Park Hee-soon or Jung Jae-young, but he has this chic, cool as a cucumber (hehe) atmosphere around him that I like. It’s probably due to the fact that he plays the same character again and again, but it’s also because it’s Lee Hyun-woo. He just emits this aura! Anyways, I’ll stop before I sound like a complete nutcase and pass the point of no return.

The picture!!

Isn’t it adorable! Lee Hyun-woo got married after being a bachelor for a long time, and he released a picture of him and his son! Lee Hyun-woo looks nice but nothing new, but his son is so cute! I love babies and kids and think they look so adoryworyble! I love happy celeb pictures with their kids! It’s an instant smile-bringer for me.

So that's really it... if you sum it up, the post had 1 YouTube clip, 1 picture, and tons of exclamation points.

Until next time!