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Character Spotlight: Venus and Mars

"Little" Introduction: Welcome! I decided to start a new project for the blog. How long it'll last or how many more installments there'll be, I don't know (your guess is as good as mine). As the title says, the series will be about characters, from both movies and dramas. I'll usually feature side characters that, for the most part, outshine the main characters or are just plain awesome. Occasionally, I might feature a main character that is just too great to pass up but these will try to be posts about side characters that can be overlooked or just don't get that much recognition. If you have any suggestions, please comment away! I love positive input! Onto the first character spotlight!

Are you a Noble Idiot?

Have you felt depressed? Hopeless? Lonely? Idiotic? Well, you have a good chance of being a k-drama noble idiot (a symptom that often plagues the k-drama landscape). Noble Idiot syndrome defi. : leaving your loved one without telling them the full reason because you think it's for the best while regretting every second of your decision and being miserable. Now how do you know if you or someone you know has this condition?