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Are you a Noble Idiot?

Have you felt depressed? Hopeless? Lonely? Idiotic?

Well, you have a good chance of being a k-drama noble idiot (a symptom that often plagues the k-drama landscape). Noble Idiot syndrome defi.: leaving your loved one without telling them the full reason because you think it's for the best while regretting every second of your decision and being miserable.
Now how do you know if you or someone you know has this condition?

1. Did you leave your love one though you still love him/her?

2. Did you take an angsty shower in the last week?

3. Are you stewing with jealousy but still trying to convince yourself that everything will be okay as long as your friend is happy?

4. Did you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend without telling them the reason?
          a. Did you pretend to hate that person while breaking up?

          b. Did you pretend that your love has fizzled or that you have found another person?

5. Did you turn to alcohol to ease your pain and wallow in self pity?

6. Have you spied on your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?

7. Did you see your ex with the another person (usually the second fiddle) and despite being jealous, think he/she will be happier?

8. Has your loved one come back and asked for an explanation for the sudden breakup, and you tell them a lie assuming he/she can't handle the truth or that it's better this way?

9. Have you thought in the last week that it's better that you are miserable and bear all the troubles while under the delusion that your loved one is fine as long as the truth is kept from him/her, so your loved one can be happy in the dark?

10. Did you pack up your bags and suddenly leave never writing a letter, making a phone call, sending an e-mail, or attempting at any form of contact with your loved one because you thought it was "for the best"?

If you said yes to more than three of the above questions, congratulations! You've just been diagnosed with noble idiocy! You are just another cliched character in the Korean drama landscape resulting from a writer's lack of skill, time, or both causing some unfortunate viewer to bang his/her head on a table or other flat surface while throwing and/or screaming at you.

Now that you know what the problem is, how can you solve it? You do want to fix it, right, because no viewer or loved one will appreciate or enjoy watching a noble idiot.

Here's the solution* (don't be taken aback by the relative simplicity of the answer since a simple question usually begs for a simple answer):

1. Go to the person you love.

2. Talk and dispel any and all misunderstandings.

3. Kiss.

4. If it doesn't work out, then repeat steps 1-3. You were an idiot, don't expect to be let off the hook right off the bat all the time.

*Disclaimer: if your a second fiddle, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no solution. You don't get the girl/boy and you're just a wet rag. Gosh, you're usually a rare case, but you know, it happens (just not to the best of us).


  1. That was really funny!I really liked your list:)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Hi, i just happened upon your blog and this list, and i think it's great!


    (Sorry, i didn't intend to be anonymous but there isn't another profile i can select.)

  3. I was a noble idiot... and I regret it so much even now :(
    I hope I found your post 8 years ago ... >_<


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