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The Queen's Classroom: Farewell

NOTE: Does not contain explicit spoilers but the following content pertains to the last episode As I finished the last episode of The Queen's Classroom , I couldn't help but tear up again. This show took me by surprise with its depth and humanity. It's a sophisticated look at society and the problems surrounding the educational system and youth culture. Though the issues brought up in the drama will not be easily fixed nor will there always be an optimistic ending for everybody, it gives hope that the future isn't always bleak. However, this post is not dedicated to talking about the themes and problems the show touched upon, that's for another time. Rather, I want to say my good-byes to the living, breathing characters who allowed me into their lives and a small glimpse of their world. I will cherish the love, the laughter, the hardships, and the tears I've shared with them and as my favorite character loves to say, "I won't hold back those who lea