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Lovepark is a blog about Korean dramas, movies and *swoon*.

I go by lovepark (which I thought was "clever" at the time, but cringe now) and this blog is dedicated to my favorite actors. It all started one day as I began to trek the internet landscape and was overwhelmed with joy to see the wealth of information and discussion available. However, there wasn't a lot of stuff out there about some of my favorites and their (sometimes minor) roles. Simply put, I wanted to share my love for Park Hee-soon and the other swoon-worthy people! Korean dramas and movies foreva~!

Top Four Favorite Actors (subject to change):

1. Park Hee-soon 박희순
2. Jung Jae-young 정재영
3. Park Sung-woong 박성웅
4. Park Yong-woo 박용우

Actors I Love (alphabetical order):

Ha Jung-woo 하정우
Hwang Jung-min 황정민
Jo Jin-woong 조진웅
Jung Jin-young 정진영
Kim Joo-hyuk 김주혁
Kim Sang-kyung 김상경
Oh Jung-se 오정세
Park Won-sang 박원상
Ryu Seung-ryong 류승룡
Shin Ha-kyun 신하균
Sohn Hyun-joo 손현주
Yoon Sang-hyun 윤상현


  1. Lovepark, you have some great taste in men! I approve! :-)

  2. I fell in love with Park Yong-woo after read all your posts. He's awesome. I love his face and smile! Leah from TN

    1. Park Yong-woo does have a wonderful smile. He's just so darn cute! :)

  3. hello!
    I'm a fan of Park Sung Woong form South Korea!
    May I introduce your postings to fan-page of Park Sung Woong?
    It is really nice to see someone over the sea loves Park this much :)

    1. Of course! Always glad to spread around the love.

  4. My top actors:

    1. Park Hee Soon
    2. Jung Jae Young
    4. Park Sung Woong
    5. Ha Jung Woo
    6. Hwang Jung Min
    7. Song Kang Ho

    ... I can tell we have similar taste !! Many of my friends care only about young idols and I have no one who like my biases. This blog is like gift from heaven for me. So many infos and photos. I'm really happy that i found it. Thank you ! Now, I'm going to read all your blog :)

    1. Love your top actors list, and always glad to meet another Park Hee-soon fan!
      I don't have Song Kang-ho on my list, but he's definitely a favorite. One of best actors in South Korea; he brings so much depth and pathos into his characters.

  5. love park yong woo's smile @ my love madam butterfly, unforgettable n make me addict, want to watch n watch again that drama's


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