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What Happens to My Family Ep 20: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

This episode is cute but cringe-worthy. Tae-joo's now completely forthright with his feelings and actively sends signals to Kang-shim. While he might be quite doting and attentive, he still doesn't know how to read and understand Kang-shim's emotions. As a result, she keeps pushing him farther the more he advances. There's good progression this episode, and I'm glad the show is addressing some of the issues of their relationship before things start moving in earnest.

What Happens to My Family Ep 19: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

This was a more mellow episode for our couple since the focus was on the other two relationships who have more conflict at the moment. While Tae-joo is making leaps in the relationship, Kang-shim is backpedaling. Overall, not a super exciting episode for our couple, but there are interesting developments that suggest more fun and trouble in the near future.

What Happens to My Family Ep 18: Kang-shim and Tae-joo

This episode Tae-joo really shines. He acts selflessly and puts Kang-shim's interests before his. One of the many positive things about the leads not knowing their feelings is that their actions are done semi-unconsciously. Tae-joo helps Kang-shim not because he wants to woo her but because his heart compels him to contrary to what he thinks. We see a more vulnerable Kang-shim this episode, but in terms of their relationship, she hasn't been given much growth yet in comparison. Hopefully, we'll see more of Kang-shim's growth in future episodes, but luckily this episode served a healthy does of awesome and feisty Kang-shim.

What Happens to My Family Ep 15-17: Kang-shim and Tae-joo

I don't know how long it'll last, but I've decided to do recaps of/comments on Kang-shim & Tae-joo! They are adorable and quite dumb.

Character Spotlight: Moon Tae-joo in What Happens to My Family (ep 14)

In the lonely corner collecting dust was my " Character Spotlight " (an attempt to highlight memorable side characters). Thus, this post is really just random, but the tag only had one entry so why not... Anyways, the beginning of episode 14 was EPIC. I couldn't stop myself from posting about it. Moon Tae-joo settles into his apartment, and hilarity ensues. (More awesome Kim Sang-kyung after the jump!)