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Character Spotlight: Moon Tae-joo in What Happens to My Family (ep 14)

In the lonely corner collecting dust was my "Character Spotlight" (an attempt to highlight memorable side characters). Thus, this post is really just random, but the tag only had one entry so why not...

Anyways, the beginning of episode 14 was EPIC. I couldn't stop myself from posting about it. Moon Tae-joo settles into his apartment, and hilarity ensues.
(More awesome Kim Sang-kyung after the jump!)

He cranks up the music and "dances":

Doing some full-body pelvic thrusts:

Strutting to the beat everywhere he goes:

Even the water tastes good:

Here are a couple more gifs I made from previous episodes. To note, this was my first attempt at them, so they're still very amateurish. However, I'm definitely hooked; they're so fun!

Near the end of episode 12 where Tae-joo gets a whooping by President Moon. This show has such amazing (and wacky) scenes:

In case you haven't, read my first impressions to know about some of the other characters. If you're in the mood for some comedy and family drama, I recommend this show wholeheartedly! (Just be prepared for some not-so-funny characters and some head-banging moments) 


  1. i love him since beginning
    i watched the whole series for 10 times just becoz oh him!!


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