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Remember Behind the Scenes and Still Cuts

Since it's award season, Remember was preempted, and I wasn't able to see Park Dong-ho's colorful suits and beautiful face. To ease the wait, here's a bunch of behind the scenes and still cuts SBS released.

Remember: Episode 4 [Park Sung-woong]

Lawyer Park starts off high but ends in a very low spot. Though we knew how the trial was going to end, the journey there was interesting and insightful. I feel like we got to know more about Lawyer Park, but he' still hiding some secrets about himself that I'm sure the show will slowly reveal to us in the future. As for now, I'm content watching his manic smile as well as his downtrodden gloom, though I prefer a happy Lawyer Park over a sad one any day of the weak.

Remember: Episode 3 [Park Sung-woong]

Now that Lawyer Park has entered the arena, the fight starts now, and it's a doozy. The direction the current case will take is obvious from a mile away, but Lawyer Park still makes me smile and root for him. While I would appreciate better writing plot wise, I do appreciate the characterization and portrayal of Lawyer Park which means Remember is still a win in my book.

Remember: Episode 2 [Park Sung-woong]

We learn a lot about Lawyer Park this episode. We get a flashback that explains his relationship with Boss Suk and how he became a lawyer. We also see different sides to Lawyer Park besides the goofball attitude and smiles he always plasters on. While I do think Lawyer Park is a happy person genuinely, he also harbors a lot of pain which he tries to hide by acting cheery. I'm really enjoying this character and Park Sung-woong's portrayal. Also, his clothes are so weird, I love them. It adds to his quirkiness, and I seriously think he makes the colorful suits work in a weird way. Hahahaha, but I'm also blinded by love. Note: This is a recap of Park Sung-woong's scenes. This is NOT a formal recap.

Remember: Episode 1 [Park Sung-woong]

I wrote a first impression here . I don't know if someone is recapping this, but Park Sung-woong is so awesome that I just had to recap it. His character is both witty and competent which is one of my favorite character combos. The drama itself isn't anything special so far (partly because legal dramas frustrate me), but I still have hope. At least I know Park Sung-woong will be great. Note: This is a character recap that only includes scenes with Park Sung-woong. This is not a formal recap.

Particular Year of Dramas 2015 (Updated 12/10/2015 ~ Updated Again 1/1/2016)

Two years ago (2013), three out of my four favorite actors had a drama air in 2013. I was blown away by the coincidence since most of my top four act in movies more than dramas. Unfortunately, I never wrote a post about it and thought I missed an opportunity that would never occur again. Amazingly, this year, three out of my four favorite actors were in dramas! Even more surprisingly, one of those three was Jung Jae-young. Of course, I watched all three dramas (caveat, Park Sung-woong is acting in another drama airing in early December, so I'll update the post later with a first impression). SECOND UPDATE: I cannot believe I forgot about one drama! 2015 was an even more special year because it was not three but all four of my favorites that had dramas air this year. I completely forgot about Park Yong-woo's two episode drama which was suppose to air in November of 2014 but was pushed back until February of 2015. This actually makes it even more disappointing because I