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Remember: Episode 3 [Park Sung-woong]

Now that Lawyer Park has entered the arena, the fight starts now, and it's a doozy. The direction the current case will take is obvious from a mile away, but Lawyer Park still makes me smile and root for him. While I would appreciate better writing plot wise, I do appreciate the characterization and portrayal of Lawyer Park which means Remember is still a win in my book.

The show backtracks to when Jin-woo dumped the bag of cash on Lawyer Park's desk, but we become privy to more details of that event. Lee In-ah (Park Min-young) stands in the doorway and rushes to Jin-woo's side when it looks like he's about to be kicked out. Lawyer Park tells her to take him away, but Jin-woo rushes towards him and asks why his money won't work if all Lawyer Park needs is money to prove someone's innocence. Lawyer Park just orders his sidekicks to kick them out.

In a dark office, Lawyer Park thinks to himself and can't help but see his younger self in Jin-woo.

It's lunchtime, and we see that Lawyer Park is actually with someone at that fancy restaurant. He tells his client that she'll win this case, and all she now has to do is shed a few crocodile tears in front of the jury when he plays the video evidence he just now showed her. He gets a call from his teddy bear sidekick Sang-ho, and it is about Nam Gyu-man. Sang-ho mentions Oh Jung-ah and tells Lawyer Park that he has news that will make his hair stand.

Lawyer Park is racing off in his car and Sang-ho is sitting in the boss's chair as he tells him that the boys saw Oh Jung-ah entering his estate the night of his extravagant party while spying on Nam Gyu-man. Sang-ho asks where he is, and Lawyer Park tells him he's a few steps away from the high school kid's courtroom.

Lawyer Park makes his entrance and introduces himself as Suh Jae-hyuk's lawyer. Lawyer Song is up in arms, but Lawyer Park just tells him to read the atmosphere and go home already. Lawyer Park hands over a document to Papa Suh, and with Jin-woo's prompting, he signs the paper. Now Lawyer Park is official, and Lawyer Song leaves in a huff.

Lawyer Park walks over to Jin-woo and asks for his name. He tells Jin-woo that he was late because he was having lunch but says that his entrance wasn't that bad. Jin-woo says it wasn't bad but asks why he came. Lawyer Park tells him to get close and whispers that there's an insurmountable force behind this case.

As Papa Suh's new lawyer, the first thing Lawyer Park does is ask for a postponement which has the audience grumbling. Lawyer Park says he has an important witness to find and can bring that person tomorrow. Prosecutor Hong agrees to his request saying he wants to see that important witness, too.

As everyone exits the courtroom, Lawyer Park calls after Prosecutor Hong. He recalls their little elevator chat and says Prosecutor Hong's words became true. Prosecutor Hong says that Lawyer Park doesn't even have a witness, and Lawyer Park asks why then did he agree to his postponement. Prosecutor Hong says he wanted a "fair" win, and Lawyer Park tells him that he won't know if he'll bring a witness or the real culprit. Prosecutor Hong asks if he heard wrong about the "real culprit", and Lawyer Park just smiles informing him that he hadn't misheard. Lawyer Park calls for Jin-woo and tells him they have to meet his father.

Lawyer Park is meeting with Papa Suh and tells him that this isn't a courtroom so he can speak the truth. He killed Oh Jung-ah and is now pretending he doesn't remember, correct? 

Papa Suh looks stricken and Jin-woo's face washes over in disappointment. Lawyer Park continues and says he's bound by the law to keep his client's secrets. Jin-woo asks how he's any different from the judge and prosecutors then, and Lawyer Park yells at him to shut his trap; he's the lawyer.

Lawyer Park keeps pushing Papa Suh and tells him that if he confesses to him, he can't tell anyone else. However, Lawyer Park just wants to know the truth. He brings out Papa Suh's confession letter and asks how someone would admit to murder even if threatened by the police. Papa Suh finally speaks up and says they threatened him with something he couldn't bear: the welfare of his son.

After recounting the night of his capture, Papa Suh tells Lawyer Park that though he doesn't remember the night of question, he does remember a gut feeling that he isn't the murderer. If Lawyer Park won't believe him, then he need not defend him any longer. Lawyer Park leans back and sighs, but he snaps back up and after a couple of seconds, he says they'll go to the end of this.

Back at the office, Jin-woo hands Lawyer Park the money, but he chucks the bag back at Jin-woo. He has Jin-woo promise him that if he gets his dad out, Jin-woo will use his skills for Lawyer Park only. Lawyer Park reaches into Jin-woo's jacket and pulls out a 50,000 won bill. He signs the bill and tells Jin-woo to do the same; this will be their contract. Jin-woo asks if Lawyer Park is buying him for 50,000 won, and Lawyer Park tells him that he's defending his father for the same amount so this is fair.

They shake on it, and Lawyer Park says he'll keep the contract. He tells Jin-woo to return the money, and Jin-woo asks him why he came. Lawyer Park tells him that he doesn't need to know. Jin-woo asks a follow-up question about the force behind this case and if that's the real murderer. Lawyer Park says he'll tell him once he gets evidence, and tells Jin-woo he has a task for him: recall anything and everything he can after the day his dad didn't come home.

Lawyer Park writes down all the clues and memories on a board and asks Jin-woo where his dad was arrested. Jin-woo says it was at the funeral and suddenly remembers that the police officer had his gun on him.

A familiar back with a dragon tattoo enters a dry sauna where another tattooed man is stretching and scaring away other guests. It's Boss Suk inside, and he asks why Lawyer Park looks so haggard. Lawyer Park informs him about his new case and how it might be tied to Nam Gyu-man. Boss Suk says it won't be easy no matter how suspicious Nam might be and asks if he isn't scared. Lawyer Park smiles and says people who act tough because of their lineage don't scare him. Boss Suk asks if that's why he took the case, but Lawyer Park says he took it mainly because he's found a kid with an unbelievable memory and made an expensive contract with him.

Lawyer Park and Sang-ho investigate the scene of the crime since there's bound to be evidence if the police are only trying to frame someone. They look at Nam's estate which is approximately 1.5km away, and things definitely look fishy.

The day of the trial has come, and In-ah waits outside to catch Lawyer Park beforehand. Hilariously, Lawyer Park tells In-ah that she's not his style, he likes girls with glamorous curves. In-ah tells him that he has enough money and shouldn't be manipulating Jin-woo. Lawyer Park says he doesn't know what kind of relationship she has with his client but tells her to stay and watch the whole trial.

The judge reprimands Lawyer Park and asks where his witness is. Lawyer Park says the witness will come, so the judge calls for the prosecutor's witness first. The police officer in charge of the case comes out. He testifies that Papa Suh reeked of alcohol and was probably drunk the night of the murder. Lawyer Park objects that this wasn't reported before and that it's merely speculation. The judge allows the prosecutor to continue, and they end with the conclusion that Papa Suh is pretending to forget his drunken murder.

The judge asks if the defense has a witness, and Lawyer Park raises his hand like a school boy (I found this part so cute for some reason). As the officer is about to leave, Lawyer Park points at him and says he's the witness.

Lawyer Park starts off by warning the officer that he will be charged if he's found to be lying. Lawyer Park asks if the officer did in fact detain Papa Suh for three days and threaten him to write the confession. He denies it. He asks about the officer pointing his gun at the suspect while threatening him. The officer recites that it's illegal to carry firearms when questioning a suspect. Papa Suh gets up in a fury and yells at the officer to tell the truth.

Lawyer Park asks if he has the gun with him since he's on duty. The officer says he does. Lawyer Park asks to see the gun but stops him from taking it out. He asks if it's a six-bullet revolver, and the officer tells him that's the standard firearm. Then Lawyer Park says he'll be more specific.

Going back a few days, Jin-woo tries to concentrate, and Lawyer Park asks if his head's going to explode. Like magic, Jin-woo recalls the gun and remembers the tiniest detail from a burnt handle to the officers initials written on it. Of course, when the officer reveals his gun to the jury, it's just as Jin-woo remembered. Lawyer Park lies that his client told him these details from the day he was detained, and Lawyer Park asks the jury what father wouldn't succumb when his child's life was on the line.

He says a confession forced from threatening should not be considered as evidence and asks the jury to dismiss it. He turns to Jin-woo and gives a little sign of victory to which Jin-woo laughs from what's probably a mixture of relief and satisfaction.

Lawyer Park gives an interview for the reporters and sends a message to the real culprit, "If you're watching this, turn yourself in, or else I'll come find you."

He calls Jin-woo's name, and the two leave together. Before they get far, a car honks at them and it's Prosecutor Hong. He says the case is getting fun, and Lawyer Park says it'll be even more fun from here on out since he'll reveal who the real culprit is. As they're about to leave, Prosecutor Hong calls out to him and asks why he took this case. He wonders if Lawyer Park is now trying to earn some prestige since he's made enough money now.

Lawyer Park smiles at his taunts and tells him to laugh now since he'll save his laugh for the end of the trial. Prosecutor Hong drives off scoffing, and Lawyer Park pats Jin-woo telling him he's going to laugh with him when this is all over. Jin-woo asks if it's okay for a lawyer to lie in court, and Lawyer Park says that he only returned the favor.

At the office, Lawyer Park calls someone to come out and work for today and says he'll pay her well. Jin-woo walks in looking somber and tells Lawyer Park his father has Alzheimer. Lawyer Park feels bad for Jin-woo but tells him that at least this will help his father's case in the trial.

Lawyer Park asks if Jin-woo is eating and then takes him out for meat. He tells Jin-woo to eat a lot since he'll want to be healthy when his father comes out. Lawyer Park asks Jin-woo what he'll do if he was a doctor and was brought a murderer who would die if he didn't treat him. Jin-woo says he would probably still treat the man since that's a doctor's duty, and Lawyer Park says its the same for lawyers.

He's not the one to judge, that's someone else's job. That's why he's never asked his clients for the truth, but just this once, Lawyer Park admits, he didn't want to defend his client while thinking that person was guilty. He tells Jin-woo that he's jealous, and says that he's very lucky for having a father he wants to protect.

Lawyer Park is boxing in a ring and pummeling his opponent. When he's done and tries to leave the ring, Sang-ho comes and attempts to help him though he only manages to pull up the wrong rope and hurt his boss's family jewels in the process.

So this was the illegal thing Sang-ho was worried about! Lawyer Park and Sang-ho are parked out in a van and spying on Nam Gyu-man through a secret camera placed by Lawyer Park's lady friend (I knew I recognized her, she's the girl from episode 1). She runs into the van and complains to Lawyer Park about the psycho who made her bark and drink from a plate (seriously, Nam Gyu-man is utter trash). Lawyer Park consoles her saying he'll get her revenge though he pushes her right away when Sang-ho says it's about to start.

Nam admits to killing the girl in front of his friend but doesn't show an ounce of remorse. Nam's friend discovers the camera and destroys it, but Lawyer Park isn't worried. They have enough evidence, and now they just have to wait for Nam to come to them. He also doesn't forget to console his lady friend. I like how they used her character again. I assumed she'd be a throw away character just to introduce Lawyer Park to the audience, but I like her. She has spunk, and the way she pulled off her duty was quite applaudable. I know I would have a hard time bowing down to someone like Nam even if it was to trick him. For that, I give her brownie points.

Just as Lawyer Park predicted, Nam comes to the office. Lawyer Park says the trial is tomorrow and asks if he wants to hear the evidence he procured recently. Even in front of the damning evidence, Nam doesn't even bat an eye. Lawyer Park asks how it feels to make an innocent man a murderer, and Nam simply chucks the laptop at the wall.

Lawyer Park just holds up another copy, and Nam offers tacking on two more zeros to his current pay. Lawyer Park laughs that Nam would be surprised at how much he's getting paid and asks if Nam wants to take a bet. In the past, he loved gambling, but after becoming a lawyer, he quit because he found that same thrill but with higher stakes in the courtroom. Someone's life could be ruined with just his one word.

"Whose life do you think is on the line in this trial? Which side will you bet on? I'm betting on the winning side."

Nam finally snaps and grabs Lawyer Park by his lapels, but Sang-ho comes to the rescue and even dusts off Lawyer Park. Also, I love seeing the stink-face Sang-ho is making at Nam.

Lawyer Park is out by himself meeting someone, and Boss Suk thinks he's out meeting a girl. Jin-woo calls Lawyer Park after seeing the video evidence, but Lawyer Park says they'll talk later. He proceeds to turn off his phone, and sitting across from his is none other than Nam Gyu-man's father, Nam Il-ho (Han Jin-hee). Nam Il-ho stares at Lawyer Park and says, "I can help you, and you can help me."

Final Comments:

Nice cliffhanger. It's to both the writer and Park Sung-woong's credit that I'm not quite sure what our Lawyer Park's response will be (though I'm inclining more towards him rejecting the offer). While I know he loves money, he's also displayed a moral code, and he doesn't seem to be the type of person to kiss someone's butt just for cash. He'll sacrifice his body to help his boss and doesn't shy away from bending the law to win a trial, but I feel like there are certain things Park Dong-ho just won't do because it goes against his moral character. However, he's still an enigma, and we do know he lost the case. Thus, it's still up in the air if Lawyer Park will grab hands with Nam Il-ho.

Anyways, Lawyer Park was so sweet to Jin-woo, and I loved how he always called after him. I hope their relationship doesn't become tainted because of this, but from the direction the plot seems to be headed, I'm pretty sure their relationship is about to hit rocky waters. I'll just hope they'll be able to make-up in the future because seriously, Lawyer Park is really just a big ol' softie in the inside and Jin-woo could do with a mentor like him.