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Remember: Episode 1 [Park Sung-woong]

I wrote a first impression here. I don't know if someone is recapping this, but Park Sung-woong is so awesome that I just had to recap it. His character is both witty and competent which is one of my favorite character combos. The drama itself isn't anything special so far (partly because legal dramas frustrate me), but I still have hope. At least I know Park Sung-woong will be great.

Note: This is a character recap that only includes scenes with Park Sung-woong. This is not a formal recap.
The story jumps to four years ago...

We're introduced to a man with an impressive dragon tattoo on his back "singing" in the shower (more like shrieking). A women gets up from bed wearing a large dress shirt and enters a dressing room filled with colorful blazers. She back hugs our shower singer who smiles at his pink blazer; this is Park Dong-ho (Park Sung-woong).

He's dressed in a bright blue suit and colorful tie with an orange handkerchief (in case it wasn't obvious that he loves color) and struts towards the door. His lady friend tries to stop him from leaving, reminding him of his promise to stay with her today. He retorts that he never made such a promise, and she pouts that he must be going to his wife then.

He laughs saying he has no such thing (be single or die) and has to get to court today for something important. Now it's her turn to laugh, and she scoffs that there is no such things as a prosecutor with a dragon tattoo. Park Dong-ho laughs and hands her his business card saying, "Whether you're a good guy or a criminal, I'm someone who gets handcuffs off."

He gets a call from "hyung-nim" and tells him that he'll be there soon. He also doesn't forget to tell his lady friend to quickly get of his house, either.

Park Dong-ho's hyung-nim is Boss Suk Joo-il (Lee Won-jong) who's sitting in handcuffs at the police station. They adorable greet each other with a formal fist bump, and I can tell already that I'm going to be loving this relationship.

Boss Suk is in the big house for a little rough housing. According to him, he merely petted the kid to teach him some manners, but Lawyer Park says the problem is he happened to hit a third generation chaebol (aka an entitled, spoiled brat). To make matters worse, the prosecutor is known to be immune to bribes whether that be boxes of cash or pretty women. Boss Suk moans that he won't be able to lift his head if he gets sent to jail for smacking a little kid. He hilariously whines that he can't get another star for such a lame reason, and Lawyer Park simply rubs his head while he rants.

Lawyer Park tells his boss not to worry: "What have I told you, hyung-nim? A good lawyer makes his client not guilty. The best lawyer doesn't make his client go to court." Feeling pleased, Boss Suk smiles and the two fist bump. These two, they're awesome. I want more scenes of them!

Lawyer Park walks down the lobby hall whistling and heads turn to stare (while I just ogle). The elevator doors open right away but Lawyer Park stops in his tracks for a second. Prosecutor Hong Mu-suk (Uhm Hyo-sub) is standing in the elevator with a faint smirk on his face. Lawyer Park doesn't drop his cheery attitude and merely smiles when Prosecutor Hong muses seeing him here.

Prosecutor Hong asks if he still works under Suk Joo-il, and Lawyer Park takes issue with his word choice though he says it all with a smile. Prosecutor Hong says he made a mistake and adds that they should go against each other in court if the opportunity arises. Meanwhile, Park makes faces to the side, clearly hiding his contempt for the man.

Prosecutor Hong says animosity is best ridden of inside the courtroom and takes his leave. Lawyer Park keeps up the facade, but as soon as the doors start to close, he drops his smile and complains that they won't meet (and adds an insult about his looks).

Prosecutor Tak Young-jin (Song Young-gyu) who is in charge of Boss Suk's case, heads into the bathroom. Looking a bit shifty, Lawyer Park follows after him and places a "cleaning" sign at the entrance. He hands him a business card and introduces himself as Suk Joo-il's lawyer. Prosecutor Tak reads his slogan out loud and worries about tarnishing his 100% success rate. Lawyer Park says if he's so worried, then he can help him maintain it.

They fake laugh, and Prosecutor Tak tells him to stop the jokes. He tells Lawyer Park that he won't be able to wiggle his way out of this one: "it looks like he'll have to eat 'bean rice'". Lawyer Park says that beans have become expensive, so jails don't serve bean rice anymore. Prosecutor Tak tells him to stop playing word games with him, and Lawyer Park says he has a tip for him about a huge drug deal happening in Busan that will guarantee him a year's worth of credit. He knows Prosecutor Tak was passed over during last year's promotions and muses that he's good at his job, but his one flaw is his school background (meaning he has no alumni backing him).

Prosecutor Tak seems phased, and Lawyer Park adds for good measure that he needs wings now to soar up high. Prosecutor Tak asks what he wants, and Lawyer Park tells him to order a stop of further investigation. He adds a few more puns with Tak's name, and hands him his business card saying he might want to create a partnership depending on his vision.

It seems like Prosecutor Tak is more similar to Lawyer Park then he lead on since now the two are sharing a drink over lunch. Prosecutor Tak asks him what he'll do about Nam Gyu-man (Nam Goong-min) the third generation chaebol. He gives him some information saying Nam might have wealth and power but there's one thing he doesn't have, manners. He says people of his caliber are usually raised to be well-mannered, but whether its because of genetics, he acts as he pleases to the point that there's a whole team in the company solely devoted to cleaning up his messes.

Prosecutor Tak adds that he took Lawyer Park's offer in part because he didn't want to help Nam out. He asks if Park has a plan, and Lawyer Park tells him that he doesn't have a 100% success rating for no reason. Prosecutor Tak seems to have warmed up to our lawyer since he actually smiles at the crazy bastard sitting across from him. I'm getting good vibes since Prosecutor Tak also seems like quite the character with his no nonsense ways. I foresee another bromance in the horizon with these two!

Lawyer Park and his sidekicks are tailing Nam who just happened to kick out his secretary/friend in the middle of an empty road. Lawyer Park calls Nam crazy and mutters that this might not be easy.

Note: In case you didn't know, Yoo Seung-ho is the lead of this drama, but he hasn't met our lawyer yet which is why I never mentioned him. I just thought I should comment on it since he is the titular hero.

Final thoughts:
I actually like Lawyer Park's tacky clothing and love for colors. It adds a nice splash of color to the screen. I'm also looking forward to all of his relationships with those around him, especially with our Boss Suk and Prosecutor Tak (it helps that I like the actors, hahahaha)!