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Remember: Episode 2 [Park Sung-woong]

We learn a lot about Lawyer Park this episode. We get a flashback that explains his relationship with Boss Suk and how he became a lawyer. We also see different sides to Lawyer Park besides the goofball attitude and smiles he always plasters on. While I do think Lawyer Park is a happy person genuinely, he also harbors a lot of pain which he tries to hide by acting cheery. I'm really enjoying this character and Park Sung-woong's portrayal. Also, his clothes are so weird, I love them. It adds to his quirkiness, and I seriously think he makes the colorful suits work in a weird way. Hahahaha, but I'm also blinded by love.

Note: This is a recap of Park Sung-woong's scenes. This is NOT a formal recap.

Episode 2:

Lawyer Park is washing his hands in the bathroom when he hears gagging from one of the stalls. He goes to check on the person who turns out to be Public Defense Lawyer Song Jae-ik (Kim Hyung-bum). Dang, this show has some good actors in it. Lawyer Song recognizes Park, and Lawyer Park can read Song like a book, deducing that he's nervous about standing in court and that he's a public defender.

He asks Lawyer Song what his case is, and he whines that it's the Oh Jung-ah murder case. Lawyer Park says he got a huge case for a public defender to which Song complains that only a public defender would deal with this case. As kdrama law would have it, Suh Jin-woo (Yoo Seung-ho), the son of the murder suspect, happens to enter the doorway and overhear everything.

Jin-woo leaves without being noticed, and Lawyer Park asks who the prosecutor is. Lawyer Song says it's Prosecutor Hong, and asks if he knows him. Lawyer Park says he does and tells him that Prosecutor Hong is good at weaving stories and moving the hearts of the jury. He asks why Lawyer Song went with a jury to which he says it was the client's request. Lawyer Park nods and says everyone comes here acting innocent and unfortunate. He turns to Lawyer Song and asks if he has any other problem besides his nervousness, and Lawyer Song admits that he does have one other thing.

Lawyer Park comes in late and takes an empty seat in the back just as Lawyer Song is about to speak. Lawyer Song stutters at nearly every syllable which has the audience laughing. The judge calls for order in the court and even asks Lawyer Song if he can continue in his state. While Lawyer Song starts to sweat bullets before it even starts, Lawyer Park is smiling to himself, glad he came to see the stuttering lawyer.

While Prosecutor Hong gives his case, Lawyer Song just listens (still looking like a lost sheep) and Lawyer Park makes comments to himself rebutting the prosecutor's claims. Finally, Lawyer Song objects (though the damage is done), and Prosecutor Hong makes fun of his stuttering. Lucky for him, the judge agrees with Song's objection and tells the prosecutor to stick to the facts.

During recess, Lawyer Park buys Lawyer Song a cup of coffee and asks if he can defend the client in his state. Lawyer Song explains that it's court nervousness and that the doctor told him only practice will cure him. Lawyer Park mimics his stuttering and says that he'll send a couple people to their ends before he fixes his nervousness. Lawyer Song seems unconcerned and says that's inevitable. That ticks off Lawyer Park who reprimands him. Thank goodness. Lawyer Song seems shallow and self-centered which is why I'm glad our Lawyer Park pointed it out while still trying to encourage the poor fella.

The court is back in session, and Suh Jae-hyuk (Jeon Kwang-ryul) is being grilled by Prosecutor Hong. Unfortunately, Papa Suh is suffering from early onset dementia and can only numbly reply that he can't remember. In the back, Lawyer Park sighs for Papa Suh to lie and at least pretend he remembers. As Prosecutor Hong uses Papa Suh's lack of memory against him, the victim's father (and neighborhood friend to Papa Suh) rushes in and uses a fountain pen to hold Papa Suh hostage. He yells at the judge to give him the death sentence, and Lawyer Park slowly approaches him from the back.

As the pen digs deeper into Papa Suh's neck, Lawyer Park lunges forward and uses brute force to wrestle the father away. He tells him that he understands how he feels, but at this rate, he'll end up in jail before his daughter's killer. Lawyer Park forces him to drop his weapon and twists his arm behind his back with triggers a memory for Jin-woo.

Jin-woo remembers standing in front of someone's urn, and he turns to the side to see Lawyer Park standing there dumbfounded in front of another urn.

The court bailiffs have now pinned the victim's father down, and Lawyer Park places his business card next to him saying he'll give him a special 50% off. Lawyer Park bows to the judge and gives a quick farewell as he hustles out of the courtroom. Jin-woo stares after him as he exits the room.

The court ends for that day given the events, and Jin-woo sits at a bus stop looking at Lawyer Park's business card (he probably took the one left on the table for the father). He looks up Lawyer Park and scrolls through the articles pronouncing his perfect success rating. I don't blame him. Lawyer Song is incompetent.

Lawyer Park and his right-hand man Pyun Sang-ho (Kim Ji-hoon) are tailing Nam. Boss Suk calls, and Lawyer Park tells him to get ready to be released. Nam arrives at a construction sites and goes up to meet with a friend. The friend asks if he has anything to do with the recent murder case since the girl was singing at his party the day of her murder.

Lawyer Park comes bursting in, and despite the secretary's efforts to stop him, he makes his way in and asks if this is Nam Kyu-man. He continues to keep up the goofball act and asks to snap some photos. He introduces himself as Suk Joo-il's lawyer, but Nam yells to get this guy out of here.

As more men come to drag Lawyer Park away, he dangles a carrot in front of Nam taunting him that he wouldn't treat him this way if he knew what was in his phone. Nam takes the bait and tells his men to bring him over. Nam threatens him that he's going to die, but Lawyer Park just smiles.

Nam asks if he's on drugs, and Lawyer Park laughs that it's not him but Nam who's doing drugs. Everyone goes silent and starts shooting wary glances at Nam. Lawyer Park informs him that of the night of the incident, Nam and his friends were drinking illegal drugs which happened to be caught all on tape. Lawyer Park tells him to just think of it as going to the army and rest up, but Nam gets up close and asks if he's threatening him right now.

Lawyer Park continues to egg Nam on and laughs. Nam finally snaps and punches Lawyer Park in the face. He kicks and punches him until he's on the ground, and then Nam repeatedly kicks Lawyer Park yelling at him to know his place.

Nam grabs his phone and orders him to hand over any copies he made. Nam scrolls through the phone, but there isn't a video. However, there was a cute selfie of Lawyer Park and Sang-ho (his burly sidekick) together as well as a selfie of Sang-ho sticking his tongue out. I just found that little touch so funny.

Lawyer Park wheezes that there is no copy since there's no original. He says that he wouldn't have chosen to sacrifice his body if he had a video in the first place. Lawyer Park spits out a tooth and smiles triumphantly saying if it's not this, then it's the gums (referencing his talk with Prosecutor Tak in episode 1).
Nam goes ballistic and grabs Lawyer Park by the collar dragging hims towards the ledge. He leers that no one would know if someone like him died. Nam sneers if he thinks he can't do it, and Lawyer Park notes that he talks as if he's done it before. Lawyer Park asks if he knows a story that goes around Harvard law students. Apparently you have to be able to commit murder and prove yourself innocent to call yourself a Harvard law student. Lawyer Park says that Nam would probably be able to do that with this power and money.

Lawyer Park starts waving at someone, and over at another roof, his sidekicks are watching and filming the entire thing. They send him hearts, and Lawyer Park gloats to Nam that they have a little audience.

Driven to a corner, Nam is forced to let Lawyer Park go. Lawyer Park says they'll settle out of court concerning Boss Suk's case, and as he limps away (my poor Lawyer Park!), Nam calls after him disrespectfully. He asks if that thug is his father or something which makes Lawyer Park stop in his tracks. The smile is gone from his face, but he continues to limp away.

In the car, Sang-ho (who I might just dub Teddy bear) looks concerned over Lawyer Park, but he's lost in thought and mumbles to himself about Nam's comment.

A flashback takes us to an empty funeral hall where a teenage Park sits at his father's wake. Suddenly, a bunch of gangsters walk in with flowers and in comes Boss Suk. He sits with Park and gets up to leave when Park recalls him from previous visits. Boss Suk is surprised he remembers him and asks if he has money for college. Park says that he still has to calculate whether it be better to go to school or enter the workforce.

Boss Suk tells him to say in school or he'll end up like him. Park asks if he's ever seen an emptier wake before. He says that it would be better to be a gangster, but Boss Suk says his dad was able to do what he loved, boxing, to his content. He hands over an envelope of money to Park and tells him he covered the funeral.

As Boss Suk is about to leave, Park runs out in the rain and steps in front of the car. He yells why he can't do it, and says that he'll knock down all those who looked down on him and his father. Boss Suk gets out of the car and says he'll say one thing because he likes his eyes. "Whether it's the world or people, the fist that knocks people down is not this [holds up a fist] but the fist that controls the law."

Park asks if he's telling him to study the law right now, and Boss Suk asks if it's too hard. He pats Park on the shoulder, telling him to not stay in the rain, and leaves.

Back in the present, Lawyer Park steps on a cigarette and waits solemnly outside the police station. Boss Suk arrives and notices Lawyer Park's back waiting for him. He's super happy and tells him good job as he pats his shoulder but turns to concern once he sees Lawyer Park's face.

Lawyer Park says he learned this skill from Boss Suk and that those who just look at the rule books can't even fathom it. Boss Suk hugs Lawyer Park and says thank you. Is Lawyer Park about to cry? Such a big softie! 
Boss Suk says he has such great intuition and has never been more proud of convincing Park to become a lawyer instead of a gangster. The car pulls up for Boss Suk, and Lawyer Park tells him that he has to go somewhere. Boss Suk remembers that it's his father's death anniversary and tells him to pour a glass on his behalf. These two definitely have both an endearing yet complicated relationship. But seriously, Boss Suk's worry and that hug really got me.

Jin-woo is visiting his mother and older brother's urns and apologies for not bringing dad this time. He promises he'll save dad, but in order to do so, he needs a good lawyer. Downstairs, Lawyer Park is making his way up to his father as Jin-woo's monologue continues about needing a lawyer who'll win.

Lawyer Park appears in the same place as Jin-woo remembered last time and gives his respect to his father. He notices Jin-woo and says that he must be here by himself, too. Jin-woo asks if he is a lawyer, and Lawyer Park laughs wondering if his face is already that famous.

Jin-woo reminds him that he came here that time when he first became a lawyer. He was wearing a black suit like today but even tackier shoes than now. He was drunk and showed his dad that he was now a lawyer. As Jin-woo peers over, tears pooling in his own eyes, Lawyer Park leans on the wall holding back his tears as he says he doesn't know why the fact that he can make more money in a day than his father could in his whole career makes him so sad. Lawyer Park finally breaks down and sobs in front of his father's urn.

Lawyer Park doesn't seem that impressed though he compliments Jin-woo's memory. Jin-woo tells him that his father has been framed, but their lawyer is incompetent. Lawyer Park tells him he needs to quickly change bad lawyers since a court case is basically a gamble with lives. Jin-woo says that since he can acquit even criminals of their crimes, helping his framed father would be much easier.

Lawyer Park tells him that he prefers guilty clients since they're willing to pay more. He asks if Jin-woo's family has money, and Jin-woo stands there in silence. Lawyer Park asks what his father's been framed for anyways. Jin-woo tells him his dad is the man he saved earlier today. Lawyer Park laughs in disbelief and thanks Jin-woo for the tale.

As he's about to leave, Jin-woo stops him and begs him to defend his dad. Lawyer Park just shrugs off Jin-woo and tells him that his family hired a public defender because they're poor, thus, they won't be meeting each other again.

Jin-woo rushes out in front of Lawyer Park's car and says his dad is innocent. The situation reminds Lawyer Park of his younger self, so he gets out of his car and tells Jin-woo that innocent people go to jail too. Jin-woo persistently asks him to defend his father, and Lawyer Park tells him that all he needs is money. He tells him if they can't afford a lawyer, then they should live without committing crimes. He drives off and leaves Jin-woo standing in the street.

Jin-woo arrives at Lawyer Park's office and asks him how much he needs. Lawyer Park tells him to empty his wallet, and Jin-woo takes out a couple of bills. Lawyer Park tells him that his clients don't come in here pronouncing there innocence, instead, they open their wallets. Suddenly, Jin-woo opens his bag and dumps piles of money on the desk. Lawyer Park asks where he got the money, and Jin-woo says he earned it from playing cards since his memory allows him to count cards.

Lawyer Park asks how much this all is, and Jin-woo tells him it's 100 million won. Lawyer Park says he needs another 10 million won, and Jin-woo says he can get that right away. Lawyer Park says then he needs 20 million won. He asks Jin-woo if he understands what he means, and tells him it's game over.

Sidekick Sang-ho asks Lawyer Park why he denied the offer since it appeared to be a pretty good sum. Lawyer Park tells him that you don't grab a dropping blade. He asks Sang-ho if he's gathered the information, and Sang-ho says they'll get information about Nam's estate party pretty soon. Hmm... I wonder why our Lawyer Park is after Nam?

Lawyer Park is eating at a fancy restaurant when he gets a call from Sang-ho informing him that his instincts were correct.

Back in the courtroom, Jin-woo sits defeated in his chair, and Lawyer Song doesn't have a single witness to bring to the stand even to the judge's dismay. Suddenly the doors swing open, and Lawyer Park struts in, purple jacket, flower necktie, checkered white pants, and aviator sunglasses.

"I'm here. You waited a while?

Jin-woo looks up at him washed over with relief. Lawyer Park addresses the judge and says he's Suh Jae-hyuk's lawyer starting from today.

Now it's on!

Final Thoughts:
I'm still curious as to what makes Lawyer Park tick. While he works for money (and makes quite a lot looking from his car and house), he also makes comments that show he's not only moved by money. He has his own moral code, and I can't wait to learn more about Lawyer Park and where he'll stand. I hope when the show shifts to the present, they won't only focus on Jin-woo. I'm really enjoying Lawyer Park and can't wait to see more of his relationships flourish.