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Park Yong-woo's New Drama

Park Yong-woo has been cast along sides Kim Hee-ae in cable broadcaster jTBC's drama A Wife's Credentials . The story is about the skewed emphasis on private tutoring in Kangnam and a mother's struggle to educate her child. She, also, falls in love with her neighbor played by Park. He is described as the innocent next-door neighbor dentist. The drama is helmed by the PD Ahn Pan-suk of the much adulated  White Tower . This will be his first drama since then which was four years ago. The writer is Jung Sung-joo whose latest drama was Lawyers back in 2005. With cable now offering potentially thrilling new drama prospects, the big three may feel a dent in the their power over the next couple of years. Whether it is a good or bad thing, I'm having more interests in new cable dramas than what is being offered by KBS, MBC, or SBS, so in the best case scenario, new competition causes a rise in the quality of the shows and better treatment of staff personnel. Via edaily

Interview with Countdown

Interview of Jung Jae-young and Jeon Do-hyun about their movie Countdown . It always occurs to me that Jung Jae-young seems like a funny guy. I would love to see him on a variety show, but alas, he saids that he can't be funny when everyone is expecting him to be which is understandable since being fun in real life and funny on talk shows don't always crossover. This is the music video Countdown released a while back for those interested. It gives a pretty extensive summary of the movie so bear in mind that it might be spoilery! Jung Jae-young looks hardcore and awesome! Via Youtube (SBS, Spot Tv Korea)