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Casting Updates for Park Sung-woong

It was teased that Park Sung-woong might take a role in a movie with Kim Sung-kyun, but since casting rumors die as quickly as they spring up, I quelled my excitement. Well, no need for that now because it's been recently confirmed that both actors have agreed to do the movie. *throws confetti* Kim Sung-kyun's confirmation was announced first along with Kim Sang-kyung (yeah!) and Yoon Seung-ah (pass). The movie is called 살인의뢰 which on Dramabeans named it Murder for Hire , but I'm going to call it Request for Murder  until an official English title is released or an unofficial English title is agreed upon. Anyways, the movie is about a police officer and an average man who seek revenge on a serial killer. Kim Sang-kyung will play a police officer Tae-soo who loses his younger sister to the serial killer. His role sounds similar to his previous characters, but he's a solid actor I adore so I know I'll enjoy him. Kim Sung-kyun who's basking in stardom from

Love in Memory 2- Father's Note Episode 2

Another bittersweet episode as we see dad deal with the news of his illness and get a better glimpse of his happy family. Dad's love for his wife and daughter are so apparent and that's what makes it so tragic. He doesn't have the heart to share the devastating news and chooses, instead, to hold onto the happy moments in his life. He is in denial of reality and wishes to let the warmth of the past remain intact. I can only watch as dad burdens his death by himself and can only weep alongside him for the cruelty of the world and the impending shattering of their family's quaint happiness.

Love in Memory 2- Father's Note Episode 1

The second season of the "SNS drama" Love in Memory aired last week. True to the Korean format, this season has nothing to do with the previous one. Love in Memory 2- Father's Note  stars Jung Woong-in, Yoon Joo-hee, Yoon So-hee, and Kim Hyung-Bum and is about a father's parting message to his wife and daughter. Ranging around fifteen minutes in length, the episodes are really vignettes that capture the final moments of one man's life and one daughter's discovery. The show is simple in plot and delivery but that simply emphasizes the poignancy of the scenes. Rather than watching a drama play in front of your eyes, you feel you've entered a moment of intimate privacy of heartache and acceptance.