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Jung Jae-young's First Drama

Jung Jae-young has agreed to be in the upcoming drama, Assembly , written by Jung Hyun-min. His co-star is Song Yoon-ah, and while I don't particularly like the thought of Jung Jae-young in a drama, the concept of the show and the writer make me hopeful. Jung Jae-young is one of my favorite actors, so it may seem strange that I'm not too excited. Let me explain: Jung's recent movies haven't done well financially, and unfortunately, a lot of top actors who do film, generally cross over into dramas because their movies failed. Second, most film actors who turn to dramas don't always do well (example, Hwang Jung-min- he's always awesome but his dramas flopped). Lastly, dramas in general lately have been bad... I just hope that Jung is doing the drama because the script, etc. were so enticing. I'll try to stay optimistic. This point probably just pertains to me, but Park Hee-soon's recent foray into dramas have been bland and unsuccessful (I have revi