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Initial Impression and Thoughts: What Happens to My Family (Ep. 1-12)

The Korean drama landscape holds to a couple of steadfast practices and norms. One of them is the weekend family drama. There always seems to be at least one generational family drama playing on the weekends usually slated for 50 episodes (plus or minus a few episodes depending on ratings). They hold to the same conventions and can be seen as repackages of the same stories, characters, and settings with slightly different wrapping paper; but don't worry, the present is the same pair of socks you received last time. Yet, I don't hold it against this genre. Depending on how much angst or whimsy the production team wants to portray, tones sometimes drastically differ and the emotional resonance of one portrayal versus another leaves audiences cheering or reeling. Part of the charm of the generational family dramas is that despite the possible objective analysis of quality, there is a lot of room for subjective enjoyment that can attract various people. As a result, though I m