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Fermentation Family: Episode 1

The wonderful PD-writer duo that brought us Resurrection and The Devil bring us a new drama. This one is definitely lighter than their past two works, but from looking only at episode one, things seem okay. Characters are introduced and the plot is being developed. The main plus is that visually, the drama is prettily shot. Candy to my eyes. Episode 1 Recap:

Park Yong-woo Dismisses Role

Well, does anyone remember this ? Sorry for reporting this so late (apparently this news is from November), but Park Yong-woo has decided to drop out of the project. His movie Papa is hitting theaters in January so it appears scheduling conflicts may be one reason but nothing was really said about why. Unfortunately, this means that we won't be able to see Park Yong-woo and his adorable smile on the small screen early next year. There was a report stating that Lee Sung-jae ( Poseidon ) was taking the role which would be nice because I like him, too, even though his choice of dramas is highly questionable. However, I don't think any castings besides Kim Hee-ae's is solid. A Wife's Credentials plans to air in February on jTBC. Via Star News & TV Report

Park Yong-woo in Cosmopolitan

 Park Yong-woo is looking adorable in this photoshoot alongside movie partner Go Ah-ra. He portrays his playful and fun side in the photos to  mirror his upcoming character's personality while Go went for more chic and cold.

The Perfect Game

Here are posters and trailers from the movie The Perfect Game starring Jo Seung-woo and Yang Dong-geun. The movie is about two korean legendary pitchers Choi Dong-won played by Jo Seung-woo and Sun Dong-yeol played by Yang Dong-geun. Choi Dong-won is Lotte's pitcher who has dedicated his sweat and blood to become Korea's number one. Sun Dong-yeol is the new, rising star from Haitai quickly catching up to and challenging Choi for his title. Though they were senior and junior, the world viewed them as rivals. In a game where the whole country was watching and only winning mattered, Choi Dong-won and Sun Dong-yeol stand on the mound and face each other head-to-head... Epic. I have a soft-spot for things sports related. The sweat, the blood, the tears, the brotherhood, the underdogs, and all the other goodies that sports movies can use, I'm pretty easily pleased. Plus, this movie has Yang Dong-geun and I have a soft-spot for him, too. Oh my, a double whammy. This is definit

Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young!

I can't believe it's already been a year since my first birthday post ! Jung Jae-young is such an awesome and busy actor. He's had two movies this year with  Glove   alongside Yoo Sun and Countdown with Jeon Do-hyun.

Brain: Episode 1 & 2

Since there was a soccer game on Tuesday, KBS decided to air episodes 1 and 2 on Monday. Brain , as the trailers and stills suggested, leans more towards heavy a la White Tower rather than lighter and more romance based a la Surgeon Bong Dal-hee . It started off slow with only a rating of 8.9% (TNmS) while its competition Thousand Day Promise and Kyebaek had 15.8% and 9.2% (TNmS) respectively. However, the ratings aren't that discrepant meaning the possibility of the rankings changing is still high.

Hello Ghost

I saw this almost a year ago, but its impact still remains engraved in my mind. I'll try to keep this spoiler free, but won't promise it will be completely free of spoilers (it is a review after all).

Park Sung-woong in Man of Honor (ep 1-6)

Park Sung-woong has reteamed with the pd-writer duo of Baker King Kim Tak-goo but doesn't play a gaurdian angel in this. He plays Suh In-chul who is the righthand man (more like an underappreciated rookie) and nephew of Suh Jae-myung (Son Chang-min). His father is the deceased older brother of Suh, and it appears that may be their history is not as what is seems. (As stated in the title, the following contains content from ep 1-6, so do NOT continue if you don't want to know what happens!)

Park Yong-woo's New Drama

Park Yong-woo has been cast along sides Kim Hee-ae in cable broadcaster jTBC's drama A Wife's Credentials . The story is about the skewed emphasis on private tutoring in Kangnam and a mother's struggle to educate her child. She, also, falls in love with her neighbor played by Park. He is described as the innocent next-door neighbor dentist. The drama is helmed by the PD Ahn Pan-suk of the much adulated  White Tower . This will be his first drama since then which was four years ago. The writer is Jung Sung-joo whose latest drama was Lawyers back in 2005. With cable now offering potentially thrilling new drama prospects, the big three may feel a dent in the their power over the next couple of years. Whether it is a good or bad thing, I'm having more interests in new cable dramas than what is being offered by KBS, MBC, or SBS, so in the best case scenario, new competition causes a rise in the quality of the shows and better treatment of staff personnel. Via edaily

Interview with Countdown

Interview of Jung Jae-young and Jeon Do-hyun about their movie Countdown . It always occurs to me that Jung Jae-young seems like a funny guy. I would love to see him on a variety show, but alas, he saids that he can't be funny when everyone is expecting him to be which is understandable since being fun in real life and funny on talk shows don't always crossover. This is the music video Countdown released a while back for those interested. It gives a pretty extensive summary of the movie so bear in mind that it might be spoilery! Jung Jae-young looks hardcore and awesome! Via Youtube (SBS, Spot Tv Korea)

Tribute to Jung Jong and Princess Kyung-hye

I haven't been watching The Princess's Man regularly and usually only catch parts of the show, but am enjoying it nonetheless. My favorite pair is not the main couple but the ex-Princess Kyung-hye and her Prince Consort Jung Jong. In light of what happened in episode 22, I would like to dedicate this post to my favorite couple. Major Spoilers!! Please only continue if you wish to know what happens in Episode 22 (and previous episodes by default)

More Stuff (again) from The Client

Interview clip with Park Hee-soon, Ha Jung-woo and Jang Hyuk. Quick synopsis: they just talked about themselves (who can drink the most, Jang Hyuk's rap, Ha Jung-woo's plans of becoming a director). There also was sort of a running joke about Jang Hyuk and his martial art master persona which Jang says later, "I'm an actor." I found the short behind the scenes clip with Park Hee-soon and Ha Jung-woo cute and funny. They (kind of) rap their lines to each other, and Park Hee-soon says "Hey, man!" at the end which makes me giggle at the silliness going on set. Here are the individual character posters from The Client .

More from The Client

The Client 's main poster: This poster simply solidifies my anticipation for this movie. With Park Hee-soon, Ha Jung-woo, and Jang Hyuk, at least I know for sure the acting will be top notch and awesome. More awesome pictures of the lead, though mostly Park Hee-soon, from their press conference. I think Park Hee-soon has gotten hotter. Plus, I like his hair. I think he looks better with medium to shortish hair rather than long, but hey, he looks fine both ways. Pictures via Naver News 

Official Poster and More Pictures from The Client

The official poster for The Client was released, and it looks pretty good. It really captures the courtroom tension which I anticipate. In addition, the  picture of the main three actors standing together, I am dying from hotness overload! They might not be physically considered super beautiful, but as actors, they ooze charm and I total melt in their intense gaze. Bonus! They had a photo shoot for Elle, and need I say more: these are some fine looking men in some suits. Pictures via Naver News

The Client Trailer

Starring Ha Jung-woo (The Yellow Sea, The Chaser), Jang Hyuk (Midas, Chuno), Sung Dong-il (Runaway Plan B), and Park Hee-soon, the movie looks awesome-sauce! The tension between Ha and Park's character looks amazing, and I'm sure these actors won't disappoint. Gosh, there are so many movies I want to watch, I'm just giddy thinking about them.

The Client Stills (Updated)

Park Hee-soon: Ha Jung-woo: Jang Hyuk:   Premieres September 2011 (yeah!) 

Jung Jae-young Cast in a New Movie

After wrapping up filming Countdown  (which I am highly anticipating), Jung Jae-young has been cast in another film, I am the Killer . The movie is about a false announcement that the murderer has been arrested in order to capture the real serial killer and the consequences that follow. It is described as an action-thriller. I'm glad Jung Jae-young has another project because he is fantastic at his trade, and I'm doubly glad that people share my opinion about him and continue to give him new projects. I'm already looking forward to this movie, and it hasn't even started filming yet. Via Sports Hankook

Overdue News: Jung Jae-young, Park Sung-woong & Park Hee-soon

Jung Jae-young: Countdown with Jun Do-hyun has wrapped up filming and plans to open in theaters later this year!

YouTube Clip and Picture

Dear nonexistent readers, here’s my first random post! Yeah! Fun! Woot! Since I hardly update on a regular or scheduled basis, which is a bad habit I should change soon, I decided to share a YouTube clip and a picture. Hooray!

Arrest King's VIP Premiere

Park Yong-woo came looking dashing as always! Ahn Sung-ki ( Radio Star ) Left to Right: Kim In-gwun ( Haeundae ), Kang Ye-won ( Miracle on 1st Street ), and Kim Sang-kyung ( Call of the Country , May 18 ) Park Joong-hoon's daughter Park Mi-hwi... so adorable, coming to see her daddy's movie!

Big Heat's Trailer

Hmm… at least now I can put the drama in perspective and lower my expectations.  The members of Big Heat all seem rather bland in the trailer, but still, Park Sung-woong and Lee Joo-hyun! The thing that I took away most from the trailer was Mario Sweater. It looks absolutely weird but oddly comfy. For those of you who want a synopsis, here's my earlier post . Big Heat airs April 21. That's just two days from now!

Ryu Jin Plays a Fashion Maniac

Ryu Jin looks absolutely dashing in well-fitted suits! Ryu Jin plays Seung-il the owner of a clothing company and a diehard fashionist in Baby-faced Beauty which is slated to air on May 2. He is described as the boss of Choi, Daniel's and Jang Na-ra's characters, and frequently picks on Choi's character because of his poor fashion. Ryu Jin bought eight suits and spent roughly $18,500 (USD) on his wardrobe in order to protray Seung-il and his passion for fashion. In addition to his apparel, it is reported that he is also dieting and exercising in order to maintain his current physique of 186/7cm (around 6ft and 1.5in) and 76kg (168lbs). His face appears a bit thinner than from  Call of the Country  and a lot thinner compared to his works a couple of years ago like General Hospital 2, Capital Scandal . I prefer the sharp Ryu Jin with a presumptuous attitude a la Han Do-hoon in Call of the Country than the super nice guy with a neighborhood friend (오빠) feeling. Don't

Park Sung-woong's and Lee Joo-hyun's New Rivalry

On April 21, actors Park Sung-woong and Lee Joo-hyun will meet as rivals in the new cable drama Big Heat which will air on DRAMAcube and E-Channel. Please excuse me for a second while I scream and jump up and down in that corner trying to recompose myself. The drama is about the amateur, 4-member group Big Heat and their brilliant, youth tale of a journey, amongst their hopes and setbacks, to accomplish an undying dream. Park Sung-woong ( Baker King Kim Tak-goo , Cain and Abel ) plays Hwang Jwa-soo, one of the top composers and producers in the industry who gets scammed by his business partner and high school junior, Goo Bon-gul, and loses everything. After five years of living in destitute, he rekindles his dream by gathering the members of Big Heat. Lee Joo-hyun ( Pink Lipstick , Ja Myung Go ) plays the antagonistic Goo Bon-gul who is described as a business-minded person. Although he remains successful in the industry, Goo Bon-gul feels intimidated by the introduction of Hwang

Birdie Buddy Releases its Trailer

It's around 25 minutes long and is completely cheesetastic! The three leads appear okay. UEE is better than what I imagined (which, however, wasn't very high to begin with), I remembered where I saw Lee Da-hee from ( The Secret of Keu Keu Island , how could I forget!? My adorable Yoon Sang-hyun was head-over-heels in love with her and acted like such a bumbling, cute idiot!), and I get the impression that she's the strongest out of the three. Lee Yong-woo... I never understood why people thought he looked goreous, but now I see, the man looks like Joo Jin-mo who is a sculpture. Sadly, besides realizing that he looks hot, I think he has a lisp, and he's definately not the greatest actor. Besides having better-than-I-thought leads, the supporting cast!! I never knew that these people were in this! Totally epic. In my opinion, a supporting cast can make or break a drama, and the supporting cast in Birdie Buddy is definately a make. I'm not saying that all the supp

Kabi Finalizes Cast... with Kim So-yeon!

Hoorahs! Lee Da-hae had dropped  the project in the beginning of the month due to conflicts, and the new female lead has been confirmed as Kim So-yeon. This will be first her reappearance in movies after a six year absence. As a third-party fan, I'm glad the lead is Kim So-yeon because she is very charismatic, so I hope she adjusts quickly to the big screen and is able to transfer the same awesomeness! The rest of the main cast has remained the same: Joo Jin-mo, Yoo Sun, and last but not least by a long shot, the stunningly brilliant Park Hee-soon!! I hope I can see some sparks fly on screen. They begin filming on the 29th. Via Star News

Happy [Belated] Birthday Park Yong-woo

For some odd reason, I thought Park Yong-woo's birthday was on Friday, March 18, so I was completely surprised to see that his birthday was actually yesterday, the 16 of March! Therefore, this is a belated Happy Birthday post (which means lots of pictures of the awesomely cute, handsome, and cool)!

Full MV of Words that Freeze my Heart

Yeah, I don't have much to say except that Park Hee-soon looks awesome. Clip from Youtube

Words that Freeze my Heart

... is the title of Whee Sung's new song, but it also aptly describes Park Hee-soon whenever he's acting because he simply oozes charisma and screen presence!  The teaser for Whee Sung's new music video came out, and Park Hee-soon stars as the lead. Park Hee-soon apparently stayed alone in his dressing room in order to remain in character and maintain his emotions. Whee Sung and the crew found his dedication to be truly praiseworthy. It's only been over a half of a year since Park Hee-soon has acted in a music video. In the summer of 2010, Park Hee-soon was in Narsha's music video ( Youtube clip ) since the director also directed Park Hee-soon's Why did you come to my House? The full music video and Whee Sung's new album will be released on the 15th of March. Here's the teaser:  It looks like we'll get to see a lot more Park Hee-soon in this music video than in his previous one which is always a plus. Not to mention, how sexy is his voice in t