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Tribute to Jung Jong and Princess Kyung-hye

I haven't been watching The Princess's Man regularly and usually only catch parts of the show, but am enjoying it nonetheless. My favorite pair is not the main couple but the ex-Princess Kyung-hye and her Prince Consort Jung Jong.

In light of what happened in episode 22, I would like to dedicate this post to my favorite couple.
Major Spoilers!! Please only continue if you wish to know what happens in Episode 22 (and previous episodes by default)

I knew it was inevitable if the story was to follow history, but it was still as heartbreaking as if I never saw it coming.

Kyung-hye visits Jung Jong in jail and pleads with him, her tears uncontrollably falling from her eyes. Jung Jong is adamant, though, and knows his death is unavoidable. Kyung-hye, then, goes and breaks mine and Jung Jong's hearts when she places his hand on her stomach and asks him again if he doesn't want to live. Jung Jong can only suppress his already overflowing tears with dismay admitting he wants to live but knows full well that it's impossible. Poor Kyung-hye, poor Jung Jong, poor unborn child who has never even gotten to see his/her father's face, fate is so cruel and unyielding.

Kyung-hye goes back to the prison the next day to say her final farewells and remain by her husband's side to the bitter end. Even in the bleak moment before his death, it kills me to see Jung  Jong smile, and then my heart shreds to little pieces as Kyung-hye smiles back despite the tears streaming down her face.

Jung Jong dies and his body is buried with Kyung-hye staying beside him until the end, the pain of loss still heavy and probably forever present in her heart.

This couple has grown so much from their first encounter. Kyung-hye has learned to love and rely on Jung Jong not just as her Prince Consort but as the man who loves her and knows her better than she does, and who she, in turn, loves. Jung Jong, also, has matured from a silly child simply happy in his unrequited love to a dependant man who treasures and honors his wife with all his heart. It really was sad to see them part because I loved watching them. I'll leave off with a bittersweet picture leaving me thinking of their past, present, and what could have been.