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Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

It's that time of year again: Jung Jae-young's birthday! I can't believe this is already my sixth birthday post for Jung Jae-young. Time flies fast. Like always, pictures after the jump.

Fantastic: Park Won-sang Cameo

Like I needed more reasons to love this show. Park Won-sang's cameo in episode 3 was brilliant, and he's brilliant. I absolutely loved his cameo, and thought he was hilarious. There's not much to say besides that I love him, and I love this show. Kim Hyun-joo is amazing. Joo Sang-wook is funny. Kim Tae-hoon is lovely. Park Shi-yeon is fabulous.

Park Sung-woong Cameos in Police Unit 38

Park Sung-woong had a little cameo appearance in the second episode of Police Unit 38 along with Kim Sung-oh and Oh Man-suk. Park Sung-woong acted as a gangster leader, and the show even played the New World soundtrack in the background as a nod to Park Sung-woong's iconic character, Lee Joong-gu. He also took some behind the scenes photos along with Ma Dong-seok and the others.

Happy Birthday Park Yong-woo

It always amazes me that Park Yong-woo was born in 1971. He's a year younger than Park Hee-soon, and only four months younger than Jung Jae-young (both were born in 1970). Plus, he's older than Park Sung-woong by two years. I think he's aged amazingly well, but I'm biased (supremely biased). Anyways, photos after the jump!

Signal: Only a Week Left!

Are you watching Signal ? If not, are you planning to watch Signal ? Because seriously, you need to go watch it.

Happy Birthday Park Hee-soon

Yes, I know his birthday was on the 13th and that I'm three days late. I know I should have made a scheduled post, but eh... I really don't have many photos to post this year (*sadface*). Since some outlets are saying he and Park Ye-jin will hold a ceremony in the spring, maybe they'll post some pictures which I could then share and make up for this post. Anyways, this is my first birthday post of the married Park Hee-soon! Hope he and the lovely Park Ye-jin have a blissful marriage and may 2016 be the beginning of more wonderful news to come!

Park Hee-soon & Park Ye-jin Married

Congratulations to my favorite actor, Park Hee-soon, in his recently revealed marriage to fellow actor Park Ye-jin. They first started dating in 2011 (which came as a sudden surprise) and then their legal marriage status was revealed today (again, which came as a sudden surprise). With Park Hee-soon changing management companies, rumors about their break-up floated around for a bit, but I guess they were way off! The couple has only turn in the paperwork and have pushed off the wedding for an undesignated period due to busy schedules. Actually, some reports are saying they've been married for a while now (couple of months), so maybe they won't have a ceremony at all. Rather than a ceremony, I would like to hear news soon about a child because Park Hee-soon with little kids is so adorable! He looks so happy and fatherly with children (see his press tour of Barefoot Dream or the bts of Missing Noir M ). Congratulations to the couple!

Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong (Part 3)

Here's part 3 which is the last of this big birthday photo bash! I really did mean it this time when I said there are a ton of photos.

Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong (Part 2)

I had the "happy" dilemma of choosing which photos to insert in this year's birthday post, but I just decided to upload nearly everything by splitting it up. Thus, here's part 2 of this photo extravaganza because more Park Sung-woong can't be a bad thing!

Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong (Part 1)

Right now, Park Sung-woong is busy filming Remember . His character Park Dong-ho is awesome, and I'm glad the show is doing well so far. This year was another busy one for Park Sung-woong. He filmed two dramas (the other being Hidden Identity ) and multiple movies, two of which were invited to the Cannes Film Festival. He has another movie coming out starring Hwang Jung-min and Kang Dong-won which looks fun ( A Violent Prosecutor ). I'm glad that Park Sung-woong is getting so much love as an actor because he's great and I love watching him in projects. Since, this was another busy year, there are tons of photos, so much that I had to split it into parts! You've been warned.

Lovepark End of the Year Awards III

Welcome to the third Lovepark End of the Year Award: where the awards don't matter, and nobody cares! Judges: Me (as always) I write up mock awards at the end of the year, but this year's broadcaster awards were ridiculous. Unsurprising, but still ridiculous. I don't think I can match their level, but that's probably a good thing.