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Lovepark End of the Year Awards

Welcome to the first Lovepark End of the Year Award: where the awards don't matter, and nobody cares! Judges: ME! (Yeah, if you're looking for objectivity, you're in the wrong place.) NOTE: Not all the dramas of 2012 are nominated in this mock awards because I have not seen all the dramas. Therefore, do not feel offended if I never once mention a show you loved or loathed.


Jung Jae-young's new movie  Confession of Murder   starring Park Shi-hoo passed the 2 million mark. It's not really news, but you don't get too many pictures of Jung Jae-young trying to pose cutely with a shy "v" sign off to the side. Glad to hear the movie is doing well. It has a viewers' rating of 8.83/10 on Naver Movies.

Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

H a p p y B i r t h d a y Wow, it's already been three years, and my third Jung birthday post! Jung Jae-young has been constantly busy for the past years churning out projects after projects. As a fan, I'm excited and ecstatic that he's getting roles and being in movies. His first movie of 2012,  Confession of Murder ,  has premiered and already passed the 1 million mark after its first week.

Uhm Tae-woong's Announcement

On this Sunday's (November 4) 1 Night 2 Days Season 2 episode, Uhm Tae-woong made an announcement that was shown at the end of the show. With all the members gathered around, Uhm said he had something to tell the boys. He's getting married! The pds did a total fakeout making it seem like he was leaving the show (the other members did, too), but in actuality, Uhm is getting married around January of next year. His fiance is ballerina Yoon Hye-jin who is five years younger than him. She is also the daughter of famous movie actor Yoon Il-bong. Congratulations to Uhm! He's going before his sister, Uhm Jung-hwa, and getting rid of his bachelor title. I loved him before and after 1 Night 2 Days and I hope for the best for his marriage. Many blessings to the couple!

Lee Bum-soo Cast in Iris 2

Just in case you didn't get it from the title, Lee Bum-soo has been cast in Iris 2 . He plays a secret agent (aren't they all sort of that...?) from North Korea against the show's protagonist Yoo Gun played by Jang Hyuk. Also cast are Lee Da-hae, Kim Young-chul, Kim Seung-woo, Kim Min-jong, and Oh Yeon-soo. This makes me sad. ㅠ.ㅠ First Dr. Jin , and now this!? At least I enjoyed his movie Over my Dead Body , so I haven't been avoiding all of his projects. Anyways, I have a bad record with Korean action dramas and just don't really like them, personally. Saw half an episode of Iris , and wasted too much time on Athena. I'll probably still catch the first episode to see how it turns out, but I'm 95% sure I won't touch the thing again with a ten foot pole. Via  DKBnews

First Impressions

Monday-Tuesday: Oohlala Couple The drama sets up its characters in the beginning episodes, and gets to the main conflict right off the bat. Shin Hyun-joon's Go Soo-nam is a double-faced, chauvinistic pig who deserves a good smack-down, and Kim Jung-eun's Na Yeo-ok is the passive-aggressive housewife who should go see a psychiatrist. Neither character is perfect, though all sympathies go to the wife, and both are equally boring and unappealing. However, it's Byun Hee-bong's fate rendering old man that remains the glue for the show. He is the old man version of cupid that everyone can see and who "tsk tsk" at the foolishness of humans, but with all his bizarre and unrealistic traits, he is oddly relatable and the most enjoyable character of the bunch. Though he hardly had any screen time, Byun Hee-bong's character is like a personified version of the audience that brings in this sense of whimsy and dramatic irony. The way he shakes his head and grumbl

Confession of Murder

Jung Jae-young's upcoming movie Confession of Murder , also starring Park Shi-hoo, has released its trailer and movie posters. Jung plays a hardened cop Choi Hyung-goo who is guilt-driven for losing a serial killer who left a horrifying scar on his face and disappeared for fifteen years. He hasn't been able to sleep well since as his anger continued to swell up for all those years. Park Shi-hoo is the handsome and sauve killer Lee Doo-seok who suddenly reappears, and even more surprisingly, publishes a book I am a Killer . The book becomes a bestseller, and with his looks and charm, Lee Doo-seok has gained the forgiveness of the public. However, officer Choi won't give up on trying to capture him until the bitter end. The statute of limitations may be over, but the case is still yet from done! Tagline: If you killed people, then you should receive your punishment.   Tagline: I killed 10 people... Now, I'm asking for forgiveness.

My Love, Madame Butterfly Teaser

The first teaser of the upcoming weekend drama was recently released. The show premieres in two weeks on October 6th after Delicious Life which was cut short. Teaser: Park Yong-woo was on for three seconds. That's it!?! Sigh, the show doesn't seem super interesting to me, unfortunately, because I really want to like it. Despite all my misgivings, I'm still going to watch at least two episodes, and probably still watch a majority of it even if I hate it. It's not like Park Yong-woo is on t.v. everyday. You've got to enjoy it while it lasts! Here are some character stills, and Park Yong-woo is looking wonderful as always: Official Website

Drama Dilemma

I have a problem. A trivial, insignificant, and quite trite problem, but one none the less. Earlier this year I picked up a drama. A cable weekly called Yellow Boots . If you don't know what it is, good. Stop reading this post and don't go looking it up. If you do know what it is, you're probably cringing from the thought or yelling in righteous fury. Either way, I watched this makjang-revenge fest with a love-hate relationship,   mostly hate. I frequently dropped it and then picked it up again. As to why I didn't just bury it in the grave and never give it a second glance, I don't know. Well, I do know: Jung Chan. ARGH!

My Love, Madame Butterfly Holds Script Reading

My Love, Madame Butterfly recently held its script reading. It hasn't been too long since Park Yong-woo has confirmed his role . The drama plans to air in October after Delicious Life ends. I am so ridiculously excited for this show mainly because I get to see Park Yong-woo again! He's so adorably awesome, and I hope for the best for his drama. Via  Osen

Madame Butterfly gets a Male Lead

The upcoming weekend drama My Love, Madame Butterfly has cast its male lead: Park Yong-woo! Woot, woot! *happy dance* His last drama Jejoongwon  was 2 years ago! Oh how time flies. I still remember certain scenes and emotions as if it were yesterday. It expects to air in October on SBS after Delicious Life  ends.  Yeom Jung-ah plays the lead lady Na-bi (which means butterfly in Korean), a former super star who has fallen from her glory days. The fans that once loved her beauty and killer fashion sense, slowly begin to realize her iffy acting skills, rude attitude, and the like causing her to become the nation's loser. Park plays Lee Woo-jae who is the manager of World Department Store and a second generation chaebol. Okay, I don't know why he exactly has to be a chaebol but if this means Park Yong-woo in suits on screen, by all means, I'm completely fine with overusing that trope here, too. Did you watch Jejoongwon ? He is so wonderful and pleasing to the eyes.

Answer Me 1997 Quiz: Which is your Type?

Answer Me 1997 Quiz Result

Answer Me 1997 Quiz Result

Answer Me 1997 Quiz Result

Answer Me 1997 Quiz Result

Answer Me 1997 Quiz Result

Character Spotlight: Venus and Mars

"Little" Introduction: Welcome! I decided to start a new project for the blog. How long it'll last or how many more installments there'll be, I don't know (your guess is as good as mine). As the title says, the series will be about characters, from both movies and dramas. I'll usually feature side characters that, for the most part, outshine the main characters or are just plain awesome. Occasionally, I might feature a main character that is just too great to pass up but these will try to be posts about side characters that can be overlooked or just don't get that much recognition. If you have any suggestions, please comment away! I love positive input! Onto the first character spotlight!

Are you a Noble Idiot?

Have you felt depressed? Hopeless? Lonely? Idiotic? Well, you have a good chance of being a k-drama noble idiot (a symptom that often plagues the k-drama landscape). Noble Idiot syndrome defi. : leaving your loved one without telling them the full reason because you think it's for the best while regretting every second of your decision and being miserable. Now how do you know if you or someone you know has this condition?

Happy Birthday Park Yong-woo

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y I'll be a bit objective here and say Park Yong-woo is not really handsome (objectively) compared to some of the more baby-faced or chiseled or just downright good-looking men in the world and the Korean entertainment industry. However, I think he is a fabulous actor with expressive eyes, and without a hint of sarcasm or snark, I think he's adorable. How can he be so cute when he's.... +40! Mind = blown. Why I love Park Yong-woo...

Yang Dong-geun back as Hero

Yang Dong-geun is back on the small screen again- his last drama was I am Sam in 2007 -  and looking quite awesome. He will be appearing in OCN's new drama Hero which airs its first episode this coming Sunday, March 18. It's slated for nine episodes, and the first episode is a special running for 100 minutes (which they did for Ten , too). Taking place in a future Korea, Kim Heuk-chul is the middle child and second son of Kim Hoon (Sohn Byung-ho) who is currently the mayor. On the outside, his father is a generous and wise politician, but on the inside, he is a cold and ruthless man. His older brother Kim Myung-chul (Choi Chul-ho) is a prosecutor and the capable son in the family who is willing to walk the dirty road to keep his father in power and to satisfy his own greed. Heuk-chul is his father's Achilles's heel, always drinking and surrounding himself with scandals. He is sent away to America for three years, but when he comes back, he gets entangled with Yoon

Park Hee-soon Posing with a... Gorilla

Okay, so it's not a real gorilla nor does it even look real. Why they decided to have Park Hee-soon pose for photos next to a stuffed doll is beyond my comprehension. Jung Jae-young posed with animals before, though those were real ones in his photo shoot. Well, for some odd reason or another, I think both of them look fabulous in their photos (fake or real animals). Park looks especially stunning in these photos. May be they've been photoshopped really well or the lighting is complementing his complexion a lot because he looks really good. If it hasn't been obvious yet, I'm swooning big time here. Park modeled for Nylon magazine showing a casual and dandy look which I think he should wear more often if he's going to be looking like this. Apparently, Park found it awkward in the beginning to pose with a doll but quickly got comfortable on set. He was able to protray his whimsical side as well as his manly yet soft side. In his interview, Park stated, "

Happy Birthday Park Hee-soon

Happy Birthday!!! Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day (which I don't deem as a real holiday) and today is Park Hee-soon's birthday, this post will just be filled with love and admiration for a wonderful actor. Brief update on his activities, Kabi has finished filming and has released teasers and posters (another poster down below) and is currently filming Scent of a Woman (which I am speculating that its title might be changed since I've seen another title associated with the movie). As a fan, I'm full of joy that he's always busy with another project, but I hope this year he spends/spent his birthday and Valentine's Day with someone special .

Blog Announcement

I feel guilty about announcing this, but things have left my control. I will no longer be recapping Fermentation Family . I know, I've only recapped two episodes so why did I even bother saying I was going to recap the series... well, things happen. My quick list of excuses: 1) my life has become super busy (I only have time to watch ONE drama a week... so sad) 2) I lost my source of Fermentation Family episodes (anyone know of a good place?) 3) I'm too lazy to watch and take screenshots of some streaming host site (plus, I can't stand bad English subtitles) On a slight upside, I have a couple of screenshots of episode 5 which were the reasons I even started to recap. Enjoy the pretty. Oh, and this is a screenshot of episode 12... so beautiful.

Kabi Poster and Teaser

The first poster for Kabi is out, and it looks intriguing. Kabi is about Emperor Gojong (Park Hee-soon) after his wife Empress Myungsung is assassinated. He flees to the Russian Embassy which is where the story takes place. Apparently, Emperor Gojong has a fondness towards coffee and the Japanese use this fact to try to (I presume) poison him. Kim So-yeon plays a barista who serves the Emperor and is a crucial part in the Japanese's plan to kill the Emperor. Joo Jin-mo is also a spy working with Kim So-yeon, and Yoo-sun plays a Korean woman who has betrayed her country and now stands aligned with Japan taking a part in this conspiracy to knock the Emperor off his throne for good.

Fermentation Family: Episode 2

Episode two is good, with lots of little hints here and there that might mean something in the future. We see a lot more of Ho-tae's past but it's still too early to say anything definite since it's only the second episode. Only time will tell.

Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong

Happy Birthday Park Sung- woong! Not a lot of people might recognize him because he's only played supporting roles: Suh In-chul in Man of Honor ,  Oh Gang-chul in Cain and Abel, Jumuchi in Legend to name a few. This post, unlike my other birthday posts, won't just be pictures, but will sort of be a narrative timeline of my discovery and love for Park Sung-woong (who currently fights for my top 3 or 4 with Park Yong-woo).