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Answer Me 1997 Quiz: Which is your Type?

Which of the following characteristics do you rate the most important?






What kind of smile appeals to you the most? 






It's your birthday! Which gift would you like the most? 

 A full course date including a movie, dinner, and a walk home. What can be better than spending time and talking with the one you love?

Karaoke! You definitely won't be bored as he dances and sings just to see you smile.

An edited video of your favorite actor/singer. He spent all night making a video... of YOUR favorite entertainer; now that's dedication.

The item you kept bugging him to give you. Even if it's a new gadget or an old family heirloom, he'll happily give it to you.

A pet (or doll, if you don't like animals) that reminds you of him. Aw, he wants to always be by your side even if separated physically. 

What kind of personality most appeals to you? 

He'll gladly make a fool of himself to see you smile.

Reliable and sweet, ready to give you advice and a smile.

Stoic and shy, but catches onto and adjusts to your mood.

Wherever and whenever, he'll be ready to listen to you.

 Cold on the outside, but only and always thinking about you.

Something's happened and you begin to cry. Your guy would: 

Pat you and try to comfort you by being a source of stability.

Come sit next to you and tell you he'll do anything you want.

May try to cheer you up but would stay with you despite his discomfort.

Give you his shoulder to cry on and try to see the positive side of the situation.

Tell you not to cry but will sit silently with you acting as an emotional pillar.

You guys are watching a very important soccer game. How would your guy act? 

Watch quietly and intently.

Act like the sportscaster and rattle off stats, bios, and fast facts nonstop.

There was a game? Sorry, he had prior engagements.

Get super enraptured and forget everything else that doesn't pertain to the game.

Try to watch the game but end up too nervous and fidgety to enjoy it since you're next to him.

Ah! You've dismissed your homework for so long that you barely have time to finish. If you asked your boyfriend to do it for you, how would he react? 

Do it together! He hasn't finished yet either.

Laugh at your boldness. He'll help you, but he won't do it for you.

Scold you for procrastinating and act like he won't help, but ends up doing the whole thing for you.

You don't even have to ask. He knew you probably didn't do it, so he already did it for you.

What homework! OH NOES! Now you'll both be punished.

Party at your house! Okay, not really a party but people are gathering. How would your guy enter and act in front of your parents? 

Politely greet your parents and compliment them.

Say hi and plop on the couch. It's like his second home.

Greet everyone and go into the kitchen to see if he can help with anything.

Thank your parents for inviting him, and then start talking with them.

Loudly declare his presence and start talking a mile a minute.

Not everyone's perfect so which bad trait are you most willingly to accept? 


Complicated Past




How are you enjoying Answer Me 1997

It's good. *on the inside: LOVE IT!*

It's quite enjoyable. I really like the characters and how they interact with each other.

It's tons of fun!! It's on tvN, Tuesday at 11 at night!!! I can't wait for the next episode!!

Needs more smooches!

The show is cute. It reminds me of the past.



  1. Awww... J'adore this show.
    Couldn't complete the questionnaire, as it was boyfriend-orientated and I wouldn't know where to begin, as my life's progressed into more tangled territory.
    But I adore, adore, adore Seo In-gook in it. He's like my most ideal boyfriend, evaarr! So what if he's young, I was youngER in 97. Haha!
    Definitely brings back all the nostalgic awesome epicness of the 90s. I've officially rendered it better than Sunny, since this is my hip-hop loving gangstah teen generation. <3

    1. Hahaha, so glad to hear you love the show. It's quite the little gem. Seo In-gook is a cutie-pie, and it all works out if you were younger in 1997.
      Shame on me but I've yet to finish Sunny so I can't compare it yet, but our hip-hop loving teens are adorable!


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