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Madame Butterfly gets a Male Lead

The upcoming weekend drama My Love, Madame Butterfly has cast its male lead: Park Yong-woo!
Woot, woot! *happy dance* His last drama Jejoongwon was 2 years ago! Oh how time flies. I still remember certain scenes and emotions as if it were yesterday.

It expects to air in October on SBS after Delicious Life ends. Yeom Jung-ah plays the lead lady Na-bi (which means butterfly in Korean), a former super star who has fallen from her glory days. The fans that once loved her beauty and killer fashion sense, slowly begin to realize her iffy acting skills, rude attitude, and the like causing her to become the nation's loser.

Park plays Lee Woo-jae who is the manager of World Department Store and a second generation chaebol. Okay, I don't know why he exactly has to be a chaebol but if this means Park Yong-woo in suits on screen, by all means, I'm completely fine with overusing that trope here, too. Did you watch Jejoongwon? He is so wonderful and pleasing to the eyes.

Lee Woo-jae is Yoon Sul-ah's (Yoon Sae-ah, Gentleman's Diginity) ex-husband and is a workaholic. He will play as Na-bi's aide. Also cast, is Kim Sung-soo (Bad Love) as Na-bi's husband, Kim Young-ae (Royal Family), Kim Jung-hyun (Giant), and Lee Hee-jin (Best Love). 
Yeom Jung-ah
Yoon Sae-ah

Kim Sung-soo
Kim Young-ae

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