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Happy Birthday Park Yong-woo

  I really hope Park Yong-woo has a new project on the way. His most recent movie Late Spring was awesome, and his two-episode drama was good (could have been better but satisfying). Anyways, pictures after the jump, and this time, there actually are some! Warning, Park Yong-woo is ADORABLE (as always).

The Deal

It's been almost a year since I  first posted  about this movie and its casting which premiered in Korea March 12. The official English title was released, and the movie is called The Deal . I prefer "Murder Request" which I saw floating around for a while, but they chose what they chose. Though it looks like the reviews are on the negative side, I'll just readjust my expectations accordingly because how could I not watch this movie when it has such a line-up. Quick rehash of the plot: Tae-soo (Kim Sang-kyung) is a veteran police officer who catches a hit-and-run suspect who turns out to be a serial killer, Kang-chun (Park Sung-woong). Unfortunately, the last victim was Tae-soo's younger sister Soo-kyung (Yoon Seung-ah) who is married to Seung-hyun (Kim Sung-kyun) and was pregnant with their first child. Wrought with grief, Seung-hyun disappears. Three years later, Tae-soo figures out that someone is after Kang-chun who is in prison, and being unable to kill

Upcoming Drama: Missing Noir M

  Missing Noir M had their script reading where Park Hee-soon was sporting long hair, and he's keeping it. I actually like it, but really, there's very little I wouldn't like. Missing Noir M premieres March 28, Saturday and is slated for ten episodes. The production crew stated that they plan on finishing half of the drama by the premiere date. Park Hee-soon plays officer Oh Dae-young who acts on instinct and will be the opposite of Kim Kang-woo's Kil Soo-hyun who's all about facts. Trailers: