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Upcoming Drama: Missing Noir M

Missing Noir M had their script reading where Park Hee-soon was sporting long hair, and he's keeping it. I actually like it, but really, there's very little I wouldn't like.

Missing Noir M premieres March 28, Saturday and is slated for ten episodes. The production crew stated that they plan on finishing half of the drama by the premiere date. Park Hee-soon plays officer Oh Dae-young who acts on instinct and will be the opposite of Kim Kang-woo's Kil Soo-hyun who's all about facts.


Making Film:


Interview with Sure (translated by Lovepark):
It's been a year since The Suspect. How have you been?
"I was dating. (laughs) Reluctantly, I've been resting. A couple of the projects I was contemplating fell through during those 1-2 year. Time just seemed to fly."  

While waiting, your hair has grown a lot. Is there a reason you're sticking to long hair?
"I've never acted with long hair before. I thought long hair would be appropriate for a character in a movie I was thinking over. Filming stopped so I was going to cut my hair, but I thought it would fit with Missing Noir M's officer Oh Dae-young. Filming could also start again, so I'm maintaining it."

Missing Noir M premiering in March is your third drama.
"Actually, I can't adjust to the drama environment. When you film a movie, you work for months to produce a two hour film, so you can get close and be open while talking about the project. However, for shy people like me, it takes time to get close to others so the drama environment is stranger than theater or movie."

They say your interaction with Kim Kang-woo will be fun to watch.
"[Kim Kang-woo's] Kil Soo-hyun is an intellectual, elite detective, and I'm an easy-going officer who moves according to the site. The two character's unbalanced interaction is fun. I'm enjoying the process of slowly matching each other."

Both of you have been actors for a while now but have never met each other in a project.
"We've seen each other a couple of times. We exchanged numbers, but since we didn't meet in a project, we grew apart. As a partner, he doesn't feel that unfamiliar. It's comfortable and good."
Is there a compliment you remember the most while acting?
"Once in a while I'll hear something like "rediscovery". That's the biggest compliment for me. Not 'Park Hee-soon can only do this' but '[he] knows how to act that' and then saying, '[he] had this side to him!' When people notice that, it gives me strength."

Personally, I liked the Park Hee-soon from Why Did You Come to Our House? with Kang Hye-jung.
"Ah, that's my favorite movie. (laughs)"
[Lovepark comments: Me too!]

In terms of a man rather than an actor, you've passed the best age to marry. I ask cautiously since you're dating someone, but do you have marriage plans?
"I do feel like I've passed the moment. If I didn't have a girlfriend, I might feel impatient, but since I have one, I don't. Also, that friend is a lot younger than me. There might be things she wants to accomplish as an actor before getting married. I'm already late anyways. If I get married, it'll probably be with her."

How do you date?
"Since we live in the same neighborhood, we usually meet around our homes. We both like to eat, so we look for tasty places. That friend is almost a one-person show. She acts as a girlfriend, drinking buddy, and mentor. She's a friend who I can easily rely on."

While watching Mr. Back which ended last year, did you give her any comments about her acting?
"No. What would I know... (laughs)"

Via eNews 24, Sure


  1. I just finished watching first ep. What can I say, Hee Soon is funny, handsome and sexy, plot seems interesting. I love crime dramas so I can't wait for next ep.

    1. Missing Noir M does seem better than his previous drama (All About My Romance), but I've only seen the first episode, too. I have a tendency to drop OCN dramas because while I love crime movies, crime dramas don't seem to be my cup of tea. Though I say that, I'll probably watch M no matter what because of Park Hee-soon, so I'm glad to hear you'll be watching, too!


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