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Scene Spotlight: The Crowned Clown Episode 8

**SPOILER ALERT** (The following has major spoilers for episode 8 of The Crowned Clown.) Marking the end of the first half of The Crowned Clown , Chief Royal Secretary Lee Kyu does the unspeakable: he murders the king, Yi Heon. Episode 8, the halfway point for the series, begins the clear divergence from the original source as Chief Royal Secretary is forced to choose between his king or his ideals. It's a quiet affair without much fanfare which only emphasizes the destitute state of the fallen king.   It's a brilliant scene: shot, scripted, and acted beautifully. My favorite scene from the show thus far, capturing the complexity of the characters and the moral ambiguity of their choices.     The episode starts with the king's unexpected return to the palace which throws Chief Royal Secretary's efforts out the door in a matter of seconds. Forced to face reality, he finally sees what the throne looks like with a rampant king. The man he once