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Tribute to Jung Jong and Princess Kyung-hye

I haven't been watching The Princess's Man regularly and usually only catch parts of the show, but am enjoying it nonetheless. My favorite pair is not the main couple but the ex-Princess Kyung-hye and her Prince Consort Jung Jong. In light of what happened in episode 22, I would like to dedicate this post to my favorite couple. Major Spoilers!! Please only continue if you wish to know what happens in Episode 22 (and previous episodes by default)

More Stuff (again) from The Client

Interview clip with Park Hee-soon, Ha Jung-woo and Jang Hyuk. Quick synopsis: they just talked about themselves (who can drink the most, Jang Hyuk's rap, Ha Jung-woo's plans of becoming a director). There also was sort of a running joke about Jang Hyuk and his martial art master persona which Jang says later, "I'm an actor." I found the short behind the scenes clip with Park Hee-soon and Ha Jung-woo cute and funny. They (kind of) rap their lines to each other, and Park Hee-soon says "Hey, man!" at the end which makes me giggle at the silliness going on set. Here are the individual character posters from The Client .

More from The Client

The Client 's main poster: This poster simply solidifies my anticipation for this movie. With Park Hee-soon, Ha Jung-woo, and Jang Hyuk, at least I know for sure the acting will be top notch and awesome. More awesome pictures of the lead, though mostly Park Hee-soon, from their press conference. I think Park Hee-soon has gotten hotter. Plus, I like his hair. I think he looks better with medium to shortish hair rather than long, but hey, he looks fine both ways. Pictures via Naver News