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Happy Birthday Park Yong-woo


I'll be a bit objective here and say Park Yong-woo is not really handsome (objectively) compared to some of the more baby-faced or chiseled or just downright good-looking men in the world and the Korean entertainment industry. However, I think he is a fabulous actor with expressive eyes, and without a hint of sarcasm or snark, I think he's adorable. How can he be so cute when he's.... +40! Mind = blown.

Why I love Park Yong-woo...

1. He's attractive.
I know I admitted he's not objectively handsome but I don't like being objective all the time, and to me, Park Yong-woo is a fine looking man.

2. He can act.
Have you seen Handphone? Have you seen Children...? Have you seen Jejoongwon?!? I rest my case.

3. His eyes
Did you see the above pictures? Are you going to see the pictures below? If you're still not convinced, then go watch Jejoongwon. If you're still not convinced, then I'm at a lost of words except "You better not be coming back with grabby hands later!" (just kidding)

4. His hands
I think his hands are pretty and manly. Wow, that's a paradox. Fun fact: Park had (maybe still has) a complex about his hand because his little finger can't bend completely straight.

5. His smile
Look at that full smile! It's so inviting and warm. Plus, his teeth are perfect. Park Yong-woo and Shin Ha-kyun can fight between themselves for best smile.

6. He can be such a dork.
He can play a dork and be funny, endearing, or both. Watch him in The Art of Seduction where he plays a obsessive, weird loser who can't take a hint, or watch For Horowitz where he plays the sweet and adorable, dorky guy next door.

7. He's a charmer.
Look at him! I started with it, and I'm going to end with it: he is attractive. Yes, I admit that my taste in actors swerves toward strange but I don't give a rat's ass... I'm sticking to my guns.


Happy Birthday!


  1. Aww~ bless you for the pic spam!

    Why I love him? Jejoongwon! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm always glad to share my love for Park Yong-woo. I absolutely fell in love with him after Jejoongwon, too. It completely solidified my swooning. Hwang Jung! :D

  2. Jejoongwon, the best!

  3. MM HE is really handsome man.

  4. love him after my love for him was solidified in my love lady butterfly.what an awesome actor.

    1. Agreed 100%! He is the best in my love, madame butterfly.

    2. Agreed 100%! He is the best in my love, madame butterfly.

  5. love youuuuuuuu park yong woo......................

  6. Like you very much lee woo jae (park yong woo) (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

  7. I share your sentiments about Park Yong Woo. He's not drop dead gorgeous but I find him very attractive and charismatic. And he is a fine actor. I'm kind of upset that I don't get to see him nowadays anymore.

  8. I loved him in Madame Butterfly. I love his voice and demeanor.

  9. His Upcoming Korean movie "Late Spring" or 봄 (2014)

  10. I love him so much :D just finished watching My love, Madame Butterfly and I can't get over him :D


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