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Yang Dong-geun back as Hero

Yang Dong-geun is back on the small screen again- his last drama was I am Sam in 2007- and looking quite awesome. He will be appearing in OCN's new drama Hero which airs its first episode this coming Sunday, March 18. It's slated for nine episodes, and the first episode is a special running for 100 minutes (which they did for Ten, too).

Taking place in a future Korea, Kim Heuk-chul is the middle child and second son of Kim Hoon (Sohn Byung-ho) who is currently the mayor. On the outside, his father is a generous and wise politician, but on the inside, he is a cold and ruthless man. His older brother Kim Myung-chul (Choi Chul-ho) is a prosecutor and the capable son in the family who is willing to walk the dirty road to keep his father in power and to satisfy his own greed. Heuk-chul is his father's Achilles's heel, always drinking and surrounding himself with scandals.

He is sent away to America for three years, but when he comes back, he gets entangled with Yoon Yi-on (Han Chae-ah), a just police officer who can kick butt. [POTENTIAL SPOILER] Heuk-chul gets a fatal gunshot wound but receives a nano shot and is reborn. [SPOILER END] He find a new purpose for his life and decides to save his corrupt city.



Parody trailer with TEN:

Lastly, this is YDG's new song. (I prefer him as a actor, though).